165-MHz TMDS DVI receiver/deserializer with HSYNC & Panelbus™ integrated circuit

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* Datasheet TFP401x TI PanelBus™ Digital Receiver datasheet (Rev. G) May 24, 2016
* Errata TFP101(A), TFP201(A), TFP401(A) Errata Nov. 11, 2003
* Errata TFP101/A, TFP201/A, TFP401/A, TFP403 Data Sheet Errata Jun. 27, 2003
Application notes TFPxxx FAQ (Rev. A) May 02, 2019
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Application notes How to Bridge HDMI/DVI to LVDS/OLDI (Rev. C) Jun. 07, 2018
Technical articles Local Interconnect Network – the last mile network Jan. 18, 2018
Application notes PanelBus TFP401/401A Design Notes Mar. 18, 2003
Application notes TFP101/201/401(A) 2Pix/Clk Output Mode Mar. 18, 2003