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Sonar Ranging Receiver

Sonar Ranging Receiver - TL852


The TL852 is an economical sonar ranging receiver integrated circuit for use with the TL851 control integrated circuit. A minimum of external components is required for operation, and this amplifier easily interfaces to Polaroid's 50-kHz electrostatic transducer. An external 68-k.

Digital control of amplifier gain is provided with gain control inputs GCA, GCB, GCC, and GCD. These inputs must be driven synchronously (all inputs stable within 0.1 us) to avoid false receive output signals due to invalid logic counts. This can be done easily with the TL851 control integrated circuit. A plot showing relative gain for the various gain steps versus time can be seen in Figure 2. To dampen ringing of the 50-kHz electrostatic transducer, a 5-k resistor from G1IN to XIN is recommended.

An external parallel combination of inductance and capacitance between LC and VCC provides an amplifier with an externally controlled gain and Q. This not only allows control of gain to compensate for attenuation of signal with distance, but also maximizes noise and sidelobe rejection. Care must be taken to accurately tune the L-C combination at operating frequency or gain and Q will be greatly reduced at higher gain steps.

AC coupling between stages of the amplifier is accomplished with a 0.01-mF capacitor for proper biasing.

The receive output is normally held at a low level by an internal 1-uA current source. When an input of sufficient amplitude is received, the output is driven alternately by the 1-uA discharge current and a 50-uA charging current. A 1000-pF capacitor is required from REC to GND to integrate the received signal so that one or two noise pulses will not be recognized.

XIN provides clamping for the transformer secondary when used for transducer transmit drive as shown in Figure 4 of the SN28827 data sheet.

The TL852 is characterized for operation from 0°C to 40°C.


  • Designed for Use With the TL851 in Sonar Ranging Modules Like the SN28827
  • Digitally Controlled Variable-Gain Variable-Bandwidth Amplifier
  • Operational Frequency Range of 20 kHz to 90 kHz
  • TTL-Compatible
  • Operates From Power Sources of 4.5 V to 6.8 V
  • Interfaces to Electrostatic or Piezoelectric Transducers
  • Overall Gain Adjustable With One External Resistor