Low Power Stereo Codec w/miniDSP, Stereo class-D Speakers, DirectPath Headphone

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* Datasheet TLV320AIC3262 Ultralow Power Stereo Audio Codec With miniDSP, DirectPath Headphone, and Stereo Class-D Speaker Amplifier datasheet (Rev. A) Sep. 30, 2015
Application notes Audio Serial Interface Configurations for Audio Codecs (Rev. A) Jun. 27, 2019
Application notes Common Noise Issues in Audio Codecs Jul. 21, 2017
Application notes Using the MSP430 Launchpad as a Standalone I2C Host for Audio Products (Rev. A) Oct. 28, 2013
Software ARG Script Examples Jun. 21, 2013
Application notes AIC326x EMI Filtering on Speaker Outputs Jan. 14, 2013
User guides TLV320AIC3262 Stick EVM User Guide Jun. 19, 2012
Software TLV320AIC3262 Control Software May 03, 2012
Technical articles Introducing the TLV320AIC3262 stereo audio codec, a device that goes where no other codec has gone before Apr. 26, 2012
Application notes Reducing Crosstalk in Directpath Headphone Amplifiers Mar. 28, 2012
User guides TLV320AIC3262 Applications Reference Guide Mar. 15, 2012
User guides TLV320AIC3262EVM User Guide (Rev. A) Mar. 09, 2012
Application notes Audio Serial Interface Configurations for Audio Codecs Sep. 22, 2010
Application notes Solving Enumeration Errors in USB Audio DAC and CODEC Designs Oct. 30, 2009
Application notes Configuring I2S to Generate BCLK from Codec Devices & WCLK from McBSP Port Jul. 08, 2009
Application notes Out-of-Band Noise Measurement Issues for Audio Codecs Dec. 06, 2006
Application notes Using TLV320AIC3x Digital Audio Data Serial Interface w/TDM Support Jul. 05, 2006
Application notes How to Set the TSC/AIC EVM to Record & Playback Audio or Other Sound Through PC Dec. 14, 2004