Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor

Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor - TMS320C6211B

Quality & environmental data

Part# Eco Plan* Lead / Ball Finish MSL Rating / Peak Reflow Details DPPM / MTBF / FIT Rate
TMS320C6211BGFN150     TBD   SNPB   Level-4-220C-72 HR View View
TMS320C6211BGFN167     TBD   SNPB   Level-4-220C-72 HR View View
RoHS Compliant TMS320C6211BZFN150     Pb-Free (RoHS)   SNAGCU   Level-4-260C-72HRS View View
RoHS Compliant TMS320C6211BZFN167     Pb-Free (RoHS)   SNAGCU   Level-4-260C-72HRS View View
TMS32C6211BGFNA150     TBD   SNPB   Level-4-220C-72 HR View View
RoHS Compliant TMS32C6211BZFNA150     Pb-Free (RoHS)   SNAGCU   Level-4-260C-72HRS View View

* Eco-friendly classification: RoHS, RoHS Exempt or non-RoHS & Green or non-Green-please click on the Product Content Details "View" link in the table above for the latest information and additional product content details.

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CAD/CAE symbols

Part# Package | Pins CAD File (.bxl) STEP Model (.stp)
TMS320C6211B Download -
BGA (ZFN)| 256 Download -

Texas Instruments and Accelerated Designs, Inc. have collaborated together to provide TI customers with schematic symbols and PCB layout footprints for TI products.

Please follow the instructions below to view the CAD symbols:

Step 1: Download and install the Ultra Librarian software

Step 2: Download the Symbol and Footprint from the CAD.bxl file table.

Step 3: Open the .bxl file with the Ultra Librarian software.

You can always access the complete CAD/CAE Symbols database at //

Both PCB footprints and schematic symbols are available for download in a vendor neutral format, which can then be exported to the leading EDA CAD/CAE design tools using the Ultra Librarian Reader. The reader is available as a free download.

The UL Reader is a subset of the Ultra Librarian toolset that can generate, import, and export components and their attributes in virtually any EDA CAD/CAE format.