TRF372017 (ACTIVE) 300 MHz to 4.8GHz Quadrature Modulator with integrated wideband PLL/VCO


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Reference designs

Basestation Transceiver with DPD Feedback Path

The design is for a small cell base station development platform.  It provides two real receive paths, two complex transmit paths, and a shared real feedback path.  This design has macro basestation performance, but with small cell base station footprint.  The current design handles (...)

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Software (2)

TRF372017 EVM GUI (Rev. B)  (ZIP 131738 KB )    01 Apr 2014  
TRF372017EVM Design Files  (ZIP 1014 KB )    07 Oct 2010  

Development tools (1)

Name Part# Type
Loop Filter Calculation Tool LOOP_FILTER-CALC Calculation Tools