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This product has been released to the market and is available for purchase. For some products, newer alternatives may be available.
4-Wire Touch Screen Controller with Low-Power Mono ADC/Stereo DAC


Recommended alternative parts

  • TLV320AIC3254  -  Lower power stereo codec without touch screen controller or speaker amplifiers.
  • TSC2005  -  1.6-3.6V TSC function, Register Based Programming and Programmable Timing, SPI interface, 12-bit ADC
  • TSC2006  -  1.2-3.6V TSC function, Register Based Programming and Programmable Timing, SPI interface, 12-bit ADC


The TSC2117 is a low-power, highly integrated, high-performance codec and touch-screen controller which features stereo class-D speaker amplifiers, a stereo audio DAC, mono audio ADC, and a SAR ADC.

The TSC2117 supports 16-bit stereo playback and monaural record functionality. The device integrates several analog features, such as a microphone interface, headphone drivers, and speaker drivers. The TSC2117 has two fully programmable miniDSPs for digital audio processing. The digital audio data format is programmable to work with popular audio standard protocols (I2S, left/right-justified) in master, slave, DSP, and TDM modes. Bass boost, treble, or EQ are supported by the preprogrammed modes of the programmable digital signal-processing block. An on-chip PLL provides the high-speed clock needed by the digital signal-processing block. The volume level can be controlled by either a pin control or by register control.

The TSC2117 has a 12-bit SAR ADC converter that supports a four-wire resistive touch-screen complete with drivers. All functions can be controlled by an I2C or SPI interface. A programmable beep generator is included. An on-chip processor is used in the touch-screen mode and provides extensive features specifically designed to reduce the host-processor and interface-bus overhead. The TSC2117 has three dedicated analog inputs for system voltage measurements, with an on-chip temperature sensor that can be read by the SAR ADC, and is available in a 7-mm × 7-mm 48-pin QFN package.

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  • Low-Power 13-mW Stereo 48-kHz Playback
  • Stereo Audio DAC and Monaural ADC Support 8-kHz to 192-kHz Sample Rates
  • Instruction-Programmable miniDSP Available for Record and Playback Paths
  • Bass Boost/Treble/EQ With up to Five Biquads for Record and up to Six Biquads for Playback
  • Stereo 1.29-W Class-D BTL 8-Ω Speaker Driver With Direct Battery Connection
  • Smart Four-Wire Touch-Screen Controller With Autonomous Timing
  • Programmable-Gain Amplifiers
  • Microphone Bias
  • Hardware-Implemented AGC Used With Microphone Input for Audio ADC Path
  • Digital Microphone Interface
  • Digital Mixing Capability
  • Pin Control or Register Control for Digital-Playback Volume-Control Settings
  • Programmable 12-Bit SAR ADC
  • Built-In Capability for Temperature, Battery, or Auxiliary Measurements
  • Programmable DRC for Digital Playback
  • Sine-Wave Generator for Beep Generator for Touch-Pad Press Acknowledgement
  • Integrated PLL Used for Programmable Digital Audio Processor
  • SPI, I2C, and I2S Serial Interfaces
  • SPI , I2C Have Register Auto-Increment
  • Full Power-Down Control
  • Power Supplies:
    • Analog: 2.7 V–3.6 V
    • Digital Core: 1.65 V–1.95 V
    • Digital I/O: 1.1 V–3.6 V
    • Class-D: 2.7 V–5.5 V (SLVDD and SRVDD ≥ AVDD)
  • 7-mm × 7-mm 48-QFN Package
    • Portable Gaming Devices
    • Mobile Internet Devices
    • Adaptive Filtering Applications

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