SN74LS2323 Dual Line Receiver |


Dual Line Receiver

Dual Line Receiver - SN74LS2323


This device consists of a dual single-ended line receiver with TTL-compatible strobes and outputs. The reference voltage (switching threshold) is applied externally and can be adjusted from 1.5 V to 3.4 V, making it possible to optimize noise immunity for a given system design. Due to the low input current (less than 100 µA), the device is suited ideally for party-line (data-bus) systems.

The SN74LS2323 has a common reference-voltage pin and a common strobe.


  • Single 5-V Supply
  • ±100-mV Sensitivity
  • For Application as:
    • Single-Ended Line Receiver
    • Gated Oscillator
    • Level Comparator
  • Adjustable Reference Voltage
  • TTL Outputs
  • TTL-Compatible Strobe
  • Designed for Party-Line (Data-Bus) Applications
  • Common Reference-Voltage Pin
  • Common Strobe

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