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Servo drive control typically connects to the power stage implementing open/closed-loop vector control to manage the torque/speed of the servo motor. PWM generation and optional position sensing are required to achieve high dynamic performance and efficiency, real-time control with low latency current and voltage sampling. To synchronize to a PLC in real-time, there are multiple standard industrial networks, such as industrial Ethernet, which can be chosen. The control module typically requires a complex power management with multiple power rails and different requirements. TI reference designs and solutions help solve these system design challenges.

  • Power supply solutions for point of load with high efficiency, lowest output voltage ripple, tracking and monitoring and small form factor
  • High performance analog solutions for low latency, high accuracy current, voltage and position sensing
  • Real-time embedded processing solutions with integrated motor control, specific low latency peripherals to reduce system cost and boost servo drive performance
  • Broad variety of isolated and non-isolated industry standard interfaces with software programmable multiprotocol industrial Ethernet and fieldbus solutions

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