Ethernet Switch

Block diagram (SBD) for an Ethernet switch using TI’s GbE/PHY transceivers, high performance clocking solutions, POE.

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Targeting the Ethernet Switch key care abouts (Increased Bandwidth, Data Integrity, Low Power consumption), TI's encompassing portfolio provides Microcontrollers, Interface, PHY, GbE/XAUI transceivers and power management solutions that help complete the system around the Ethernet switch fabric. These TI devices provide high performance and low power consumption in a small form factor. In addition, TI's Power over Ethernet Solutions (POE) help manage overall power consumption of the switch, helping drive power and space optimization.

  • TI's family of CMOS multi-gigabit GbE transceivers delivers exceptional performance in high-speed bidirectional point-to-point data transmission systems. They have smaller footprint and low power consumption enabling higher port density. They have proven interoperability with major ASIC/MAC/FPGA vendors. TI's GbE transceivers provide excellent signal integrity, and do not require external filter capacitors. Some devices include built in testability features.
  • TI's POE solution reliably provide, the standard 48V, 15W (13W load), as well as up to 25W for high power POE, to the devices connected to the Ethernet cables. The core Power Source Equipment (PSE) Controller detects, classifies, and supplies (PD detection algorithm) power to the devices at the other end of the Ethernet cable, while the Microcontroller controls and monitors the PoE ports and power supply unit.
  • TI's clocking solutions provide high performance differential or single ended clocks with < 1 ps rms jitter from a low cost crystal/oscillator. These solutions are easy to configure and programmed through control pins, and are available in smaller QFN package, operating over the industrial temperature range.
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