Switches & Multiplexers

Analog Switches and Multiplexers Overview

Portfolio including low-power and high-bandwidth switches to suit any application

Fault-Protected Muxes

Used to interface directly with sensors and other I/Os or to protect/isolate one subsysyem from another on the board..

Precision/Low Leakage Muxes

Used in the signal path and typically connected to op-amps and ADCs, precision muxes are used to minimize offset error and/or signal distortion.

General Purpose

Used in low-frequency or digital (ON/OFF) applications where size and/or cost is the main concern.

Technical resources


Search for any suppliers' switches to find similar TI devices by parameter.

Online support

Ask questions, share knowledge and help solve problems with fellow engineers in TI's E2E™ community.

Blog posts

Read about a wide variety of analog switch/mux system design topics in TI's blogs.

Reference designs

Complete board-and system-level reference design circuits to help you quickly evaluate and customize your system.