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From milliwatts to kilowatts, analog to digital and everything in between

We offer a wide range of easy-to-use audio amplifier integrated circuits, including digital and analog input Class-D speaker amps, Smart Amps, integrated headphone amps, audio op amps, and line drivers/receivers, across a wide range of output power and performance.

Premium sound quality

Our portfolio of TI Burr Brown™ audio amplifiers deliver clear sound, while enabling you to meet demanding system requirements

Advanced speaker protection

Protect your system with amps that include advanced protection features, including overcurrent protection, real-time IV sensing, load diagnostics, robust ESD/EMI protection and more

Industry-leading solution size

Audio amps for space constrained designs that feature intelligent integration, innovative packaging options and reduced BOM

Automotive audio focus

State-of-the-art AEC-Q100 qualified amplifiers with specific features that meet the rigorous requirements for automotive designs and provide high-fidelity audio in car infotainment systems

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Speaker amps

Industry’s broadest portfolio of speaker amplifiers ranging in power levels, topology, performance, and features to address the needs of any application

Piezo speaker drivers/receivers

High efficiency drivers with integrated boost converters for driving loud audible audio through ceramic/piezo speakers that also come in a small form factor and low-power shutdown modes suitable for battery powered applications

Audio op amps

A diverse portfolio of operational amplifiers that enable versatile designs and deliver a superior audio experience

Headphone amps

Amplifiers designed to drive headphones in nearly any audio design

Microphone preamplifiers

Low-noise preamplifiers with analog or digitally-configurable gains to accommodate a wide range of microphone types and audio systems

Volume control ICs

Digitally controlled volume attenuators with wide dynamic range and low distortion

Audio line drivers

Broad portfolio of line drivers, including op amp based solutions, for professional-grade performance that keep signals clean and cost-effective, easy-to-use line drivers for personal electronics designed to prevent pop

Audio line receivers

Differential-input amplifiers integrated with high-performance op amps and precision well-matched thin-film resistors, delivering great noise immunity

Featured technical documents

Automotive Audio Design Considerations to Minimize Amplifier Size & Thermal Load

This paper explores design considerations facing audio hardware designers as they must develop smaller automotive audio amplifiers, with lower heat dissipation, to drive six to eight speakers directly from new infotainment systems

How to Choose a Class-D Audio Amplifier

Audio content has evolved over the years. This white paper covers the attributes of an audio system and focuses on how to digest key specifications to select the best audio amplifier for the application.