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Convert audio signals quickly and easily with our broad portfolio of audio codecs. Our audio codecs provide integrated solutions that help streamline the implementation process in various audio systems, including battery-operated and consumer audio applications.

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Application software & framework
PurePath™ Console graphical development suite for audio system design and development

PurePath™ Console is a highly integrated and easy-to-use audio development suite designed specifically to simplify the evaluation, configuration and debug process associated with the development of audio products. Watch how easy it is to use the PurePath™ Console 3 software.

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Driver or library
TLV320AIC32XX CODEC family Linux driver support
These Linux drivers support our low-power audio CODECs in the TLV320AIC32xx device family, and include both .c and .h files. The "Go to third party" buttons below will allow you to downlod the appropriate drivers from

Linux main line status

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Audio CODEC/ADC PLL Excel Calculator
Use our calculator to find the sampling rate for our audio CODECs and ADCs based on your inputs.

Technical resources

PurePath Studio for portable audio (Part 1 of 3)
Learn how to use PurePath™ Studio to create custom algrothms for our portfolio of miniDSP audio CODECs.
Application note
Application note
Out-of-Band Noise Measurement Issues for Audio Devices (Rev. A)
Get an understanding of how a small, low-pass, RC filter dramatically reduces the out-of-band noise of delta-sigma audio codecs without affecting the audio frequency.
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Application note
Application note
Audio Serial Interface Configurations for Audio Codecs (Rev. A)
Learn about several configurations to prevent drift of the primary clock in an audio converter based on the delta-sigma (ΔΣ) architecture, which operations at a much faster rate than the target sample rate. 
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