High-speed DACs (>10 MSPS)

Our innovative portfolio leads the industry and is the new standard for high-speed DACs

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Our high-speed digital-to-analog converter (DAC) portfolio offers solutions for high speed conversion applications including aerospace, defense, wireless, industrial and test.  Enable your system designs with industry-leading high-speed, high performance and low-power device options.

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Looking for a complete integrated transceiver?  Consider our integrated TX+RX options.

Design & development resources

JESD204 Rapid Design IP for FPGAs connected to TI high-speed data converters

The JESD204 rapid design IP has been designed to enable FPGA engineers to achieve an accelerated path to a working JESD204 system. The IP has been architected in a way that downstream digital processing and other application logic are isolated from most of the performance- and timing-critical (...)

Reference design
Wide-Bandwidth and High-Voltage Arbitrary Waveform Generator Front End

This design shows how to use an active interface with the current sink output of the DAC5682Z - typical applications for this include front ends for arbitrary waveform generators. The EVM includes the DAC5682Z for digital-to-analog conversion, an OPA695 to demonstrate an active interface (...)

Reference design
High Bandwidth, High Frequency Transmitter Reference Design

This design illustrates the circuit modifications required to support high bandwidth and  high frequency applications using current source DACs like the  DAC38J84 with the TRF3704 modulator.  The TRF3704 is a 6 GHz modulator capable of supporting wide BB bandwidths.  The (...)

Technical resources

Video series
Video series
TI Precision Labs - DACs
These on-demand courses and tutorials include introductory ideas about device architecture in addition to advanced, application-specific problem-solving, using both theory and practical knowledge.
Video series
Video series
High-speed signal chain training series 
Online training series covering topics such as RF-sampling, JESD204B and more
High-speed DAC circuits 
Explore a comprehensive library of high-speed DAC sub-circuit ideas that you can easily adapt to meet your specific end equipment needs - including a free e-book