Power stage designer

Power Stage Designer™ software tool 

Accelerate your power supply design with in-depth real time calculations of voltages and currents

The Power Stage Designer software tool helps you accelerate your power-supply designs by calculating voltages and currents of 20 topologies according to your own inputs. All calculations are executed in real time, which helps you quickly start a new power supply design.   Download the tool now.

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Real-time calculations

With real time calculations, you get fast and direct feedback on your power supply design needs.

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Accelerate the design process

Make starting a power supply design easy by using the tool to calculate voltages and currents of 20 different topologies based on your inputs.

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More useful tools and features

The power stage designer software tool and toolbox helps you calculate FET losses, control loops, capacitor RMS currents and more to choose circuit components correctly the first time.

Resources to help you get started 

10 more reasons to use the power stage designer

Get a quick overview of how the Power stage designer software tool can help you with your power supply design.

Power topologies handbook

This handbook explains waveforms and equations of the most common hard switched power supply topologies.

Power topologies quick reference guide

Your go-to guide to all power topologies from buck to boost, flyback, and more.

How to use the Power Stage Designer