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Our design and development ecosystem can help simplify your design process. Explore design options and find resources for wireless connectivity to help make it easier for you to get to market.

Investigate & find the right device

Ready to find the right device for your application? We make it easy. Explore your device options and find the resources to start your development journey. Use our product search to start identify the right wireless connectivity for you.

Easy exploration with limited investment

Our SimpleLink™ MCU Academy is a starting point to learn about the SimpleLink MCU platform. The content includes easy-to-use training modules that span a wide range of topics. We also provide key training for you to access fundamental information on how to get started developing with our wirleless connectivity devices. 


We are committed to simplifying your evaluation process. You have access to a variety of resources, including hardware, software and cloud-based tools, to help make the process easy and efficient. 

Step 1 of evaluation: select your hardware

Start evaluating our wireless connectivity MCUs and transceiver portfolio by leveraging a modular ecosystem that gives you flexibility to evaluate the MCUs, using the LaunchPad™ development kits and evaluation module (EVM) starter kits. Our EVMs and development kits allow you to start evaluating without the investing a lot of resources. 

Bluetooth® Low Energy, Thread & Zigbee®


Our LaunchPad™ development kits are low-cost, modular, consistent and open-source hardware tools. Every SimpleLink MCU is available as a development kit.


BoosterPacks are stackable, application-specific plug-in modules that allow you to easily expand the functionality of your LaunchPad™ development kit.



This LaunchPad™ is used to speed development with the SimpleLink™ Multi-Standard CC2652R7 wireless MCU with support for Bluetooth®, Zigbee® and Thread.  Software support is provided by the SimpleLink CC13XX-CC26XX software development kit (SDK).

Sub-1 GHz, Wi-SUN & Multi-protocol


This LaunchPad development kit is a tool that helps with evaluation on devices with integrated power amplifier and multi-band radio support for the CC1352 wirelesss connectivity products.


This LaunchPad development kit is a tool that helps with evaluation on devices with integrated power amplifier and multi-band radio support for the CC1312 wirelesss connectivity products.


This LaunchPad™ development kit offers integrated environmental and motion sensors, multi band wireless connectivity and easy-to-use software for prototyping connected applications. 

Wi-Fi® & Dual-mode Bluetooth®


This LaunchPad™ development kit highlights SimpleLink™ Wi-FI CC3235S MCU, a single-chip security solution and wireless microcontroller (MCU) which integrates a user application dedicated ARM® cortex®-M4 MCU and a network processor that runs 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi, internet and security protocols. 


This LaunchPad™ development kit helps you develop with the SimpleLink™ Wi-FI CC3220S MCU. This board can be directly connected to a PC for use with development tools such as the Code Composer Studio™ Cloud integrated development environment (IDE). 


This LaunchPad™ development kit is an evaluation development platform for the SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC3235MODS and CC3235MODSF dual-band wireless MCU modules. These modules are single-chip programmable MCUs with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. 


The AM64x starter kit is a stand-alone test and development platform that is ideal for accelerating your next design with WiLink™ transceivers. The kit includes: wired and wireless connectivity, three expansion headers, multiple boot options and flexible debug capabilities.


This dual-mode Bluetooth EVM is a complete basic rate (BR), enhanced data rate (EDR), and LE host controller interface (HCI) solution that reduces design effort and enables fast time to market.


This wireless network processor BoosterPack™ plug-in module provides users the flexibility to add Wi-Fi to any microcontroller (MCU). The board can be easily connected to our Launchpad development kits, which can help with rapid software development.

Step 2 of evaluation: download & set up software

Our software development kits (SDKs) and evaluation tools provide access to all components needed for the evaluation and production of your embedded system, including pre-integrated RTOS kernels for flexibility in your design. In addition, many of our SDKs enable easy migration across our wireless connectivity devices. The SDKs are also royalty and license free. With this architecture, you are able to reuse your software investment when redesigning across MCU platforms within the same family. Finally, our software evaluation tools help you start evaluating and enable quick time to market. 

Bluetooth® Low Energy, Thread & Zigbee®


Download our latest SDK for our Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread and Zigbee products. This SDK also includes wireless stacks supported by our wireless connectivity product family.

SmartRF flash programmer

SmartRF flash programmer is used to program the flash memory for many SimpleLink™ wireless devices and for upgrading the firmware and bootloader on related evaluation boards and debugger.

Sub-1 GHz, Wi-SUN & Multi-protocol


Download our latest SDK supports Sub-1 GHz, Wi-SUN®, and multi-protocol products. This SDK also includes wireless stacks.


SmartRF studio is a Windows application that helps designers of RF systems to easily evaluate the radio at an early stage in the design process low-power RF devices. This tool helps you generate custom RF settings and do RF testing controlled by PC. 

RF range estimator

The RF Range Estimator lets you model RF transmission range with frequency, RF settings, antenna performance, transmission medium and more. It is built by our RF experts as a great way to get an approximation of your transmission range.

Wi-Fi® & Dual-mode Bluetooth


The SimpleLink™ CC32XX SDK contains drivers for the CC3220 and CC323x programmable MCU and documentation needed to use the solution.

SimpleLink MCU Wi-Fi radio testing tool

The SimpleLink™ MCU Wi-Fi® radio testing tool is a Windows-based software tool for RF evaluation and testing our CC31xx and CC32xx designs during development and certification.

SDK Plugins

SDK plug-ins are modular software that provides additional capabilities to further extend system development with an intuitive approach. Cloud IoT plugins include support for Azure IoT and Amazon IoT.


WiLink™ 8 NLCP package consists of build scripts to update WiLink™ 8 Linux driver, firmware binary, wpa supplicant, hostapd and more. For more details please refer to the release notes and user’s guide. 

Bluetooth Stacks

Our dual-mode Bluetooth stacks enable Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy development that is fully SIG qualified, certified, and royalty-free on CC256x and WL18xx devices.


Simplify your development tasks and accelerate your time-to-market with our proven hardware, software and tools. Everything you need to move forward to production is at your fingertips. We are here to help you navigate the development process and accelerate your embedded system design.

Device drivers: Our device drivers and foundational software, including the OS, provide full entitlement of the hardware in an efficient implementation with minimal code size.

RTOS: All of our wireless connectivity products are supported by our RTOS solutions and can help you perform system level development. 

Libraries & middleware: We provide optimized libraries and middleware to support common capabilities and applications. These libraries include ruggedized components like communication stacks, mathematical libraries and algorithms to help you create your application.

APIs: Our APIs make it easy to get your application code integrated quickly and easily, giving you confidence that your application will work.

Examples & out-of-the-box demos: The SDK establishes a foundation of software components that are fully tested to work together enabling you to focus on your application. In addition, integrated development environment (IDE) projects are available in the SDK to help you quickly get your board up and running.

Explore our wireless connectivity software ecosystem 

Code Composer Studio™ IDE An Eclipse-based IDE that provides a suite of tools to develop and debug embedded applications.
System configuration tool (SysConfig) A collection of graphical utilities for configuring pins, peripherals, radios, subsystems and other components, including tools such as the PinMux tool, DDR and Clock Tree tool.
Compiler The Arm C/C++ compiler and assembly language tools support development of applications for TI Arm-based platforms and are included in Code Composer Studio software.
UniFlash A stand-alone tool recommended for programming onboard flash memory for Arm-based microcontrollers.
Debugging probes and trace tools Debugging probes enable software development on TI Arm-based microcontrollers and are designed to meet different functionality and budget needs. Trace tools allow you to conduct foundational analysis. You can work with select third parties to deliver more extensive trace capabilities.
Packet sniffer A free-of-charge RF packet sniffer that is a debugging tool to use during development.
SimpleLink™ MCU Academy
SimpleLink™ MCU Academy is a starting point to learn about the SimpleLink MCU platform. The content includes easy-to-use training modules that span a wide range of topics.
Sensor Controller Studio
A software tool that helps you develop for applications with low-power sensing needs. 

Get your designs reviewed

Sub-1 GHz design reviews Get your initial Sub-1 GHz hardware design quickly reviewed by our experts.
SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® devices hardware design reviews
Get your initial Wi-Fi® hardware design quickly reviewed by our experts.
2.4 GHz hardware design reviews Get your initial 2.4 GHz hardware design quickly reviewed by our experts.
WiLink™ technology design reviews Get your initial WiLink technology hardware design quickly reviewed by our experts.


As you finalize your design and prepare to bring it to market, we are committed to delivering the resources you need to ensure you get to market quickly and smoothly. No matter your challenge, we are here to support you through your final development phase. 

Quality support

When you select a device, you need confidence in product longevity and supply continuity.  We are committed to product longevity and have strategies and policies in place to uphold this commitment.


We are dedicated to designing, manufacturing and bringing to market high-quality integrated circuit products. We are committed to delivering the highest-quality ICs.  

Production design tools

To best meet your design needs and accelerate your time to market, we work with a variety of third parties to help with everything from software development to hardware design and other production services. The tables below represent a portion of our third-party partner network. 

Programming tool / provider
Tool/service type
Capacity (throughput)
Hardware Software
Flash Programmer

Mass production in-system and off board programming
UniFlash Mass production in-system and off board programming
XDS110 JTAG Debug Probe
Debugging, in-system and offboard programming
JTAG Debug Probe

Debugging, in-system and offboard programming

Europe-based programming service provider with programming and tape & reel services offering
Global Programming Solutions

World-wide programming service provider with programming and tape & reel service offerings
Flash & Gang programmer and software provider
Units in parallel: 64 Global
MSP430 JTAG hardware programmer provider
Programmer and programming service
(Taiwan-based) provider
Elnec Europe-based production and universal programmer provider
Single-site and multi-site Europe
Phyton In-system and universal programmer provider
Data IO

Provides complete device programming solutions to customers worldwide.

The company offers a full line of single site device programmers & universal, and multi-site concurrent programming systems.

Volume throughput:  > 1000 Global
Provides a complete ecosystem of manual and automated universal programming solution
Volume throughput:  > 1000 Global
Acroview China-based universal programmer and programming service provider
Hi-Lo Systems Automated programming system and programming service provider
Xeltek Universal programmer provider
In-system programming tool provider