TI 15.4-Stack Gateway Linux Software Development Kit
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TI 15.4-Stack Gateway Linux SDK


TI 15.4-Stack Gateway Linux Software Development Kit

ACTIVE   23-Jul-2019  

SimpleLink™ CC13x0 Software Development Kit


ACTIVE 4.10.xx   20-Mar-2020  


The TI-15.4-Stack-Gateway-Linux Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a Linux software middleware for the TI 15.4-Stack companion solution. It includes a full Linux user-space software that runs on top of the TI Processor SDK for AM335x platform, which interfaces with the co-processor embedded implementation of TI 15.4-Stack running on the SimpleLink CC13xx wireless MCU.

The software middleware included in the SDK provides a high level TCP socket interface for the application, de-facto implementing an IP-Sub-1 GHz gateway and allowing seamless integration with IP-based applications like web-servers, web-sockets or generic cloud server applications running popular protocols based on MQTT or HTTP.

The SDK includes a web example application on how to use the socket interface to jump-start application development and easily prototype gateway solutions.

  • Compatible with TI 15.4-Stack MAC Co-Processor firmware running on SimpleLink CC13xx wireless MCU
  • Running as user-space middleware on top of Sitara Processor SDK for AM335x
  • Modular design with TCP socket interface between different SW modules can scale to different SW system architectures
  • Implements all networking functionality for device on-boarding and management, and provides a simple and flexible interface making application development easy
  • Integrates a javascipt based web server examples which demonstrates a typical application managing devices in the Sub-1 GHz network
  • Includes monitoring and actuating functionality example for Sub-1 GHz sensors

Technical documentation

Software development (2)

Name Part Number Software Type
Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment (IDE) for wireless connectivity  CCSTUDIO-WCS  IDE, configuration, compiler or debugger 
SimpleLink™ Sub-1 GHz CC13x0 Software Development Kit  SIMPLELINK-CC13X0-SDK  Software development kit (SDK) 

Hardware development (4)

Name Part Number Tool Type
XDS200 USB Debug Probe  TMDSEMU200-U  Debug probe 
SimpleLink™ Dual-Band CC1350 Wireless MCU LaunchPad Development Kit  LAUNCHXL-CC1350  Development kit 
CC1350 Dualband Launchpad for 433MHz/2.4GHz Applications  LAUNCHXL-CC1350-4  Evaluation board 
SimpleLink™ Sub-1 GHz CC1310 wireless MCU LaunchPad™ development kit  LAUNCHXL-CC1310  Evaluation board 

Reference Designs (1)

Name Part Number Tool Type
Sub-1 GHz Sensor to Cloud Industrial IoT Gateway Reference Design for Linux Systems  TIDEP0084  Reference design 

TI Devices (6)

Part Number Name Product Family
AM3351  Sitara processor: Arm Cortex-A8, 1Gb Ethernet, display  Sitara processors 
AM3358  Sitara processor: Arm Cortex-A8, 3D graphics, PRU-ICSS, CAN  Sitara processors 
AM3358-EP  Sitara processor: Arm Cortex-A8, 3D, PRU-ICSS, HiRel, CAN  Sitara processors 
AM3359  Sitara processor: Arm Cortex-A8, EtherCAT, 3D, PRU-ICSS, CAN  Sitara processors 
CC1310  SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm Cortex-M3 Sub 1 GHz wireless MCU with 128kB Flash  Wireless connectivity 
CC1350  SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm Cortex-M3 multiprotocol Sub 1 GHz & 2.4 GHz wireless MCU with 128kB Flash  Wireless connectivity 

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