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  2. 1Suggested Tiger Lake Point-of-Load Solutions
  3. 2Light Load Efficiency (Eco-Mode™) and Low Quiescent Current (ULQ™)
  4. 3Voltage Identification (VID) Capability with TPS51215A
  5. 4Fast Load Transient Response with D-CAP3™ and D-CAP2™ Control
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Voltage Identification (VID) Capability with TPS51215A

The TPS51215A supports a 2-bit VID and Low Power Mode(LPM) to dynamically change the output voltage to satisfy Intel IMVP8/9 applications for VCCIN_AUX, VCCIO_0, and VCCIO_1_2 rails. A fixed 0-V output voltage and up to three voltage levels can be programmed externally with a voltage divider circuit. The device can also be configured to provide a 1-bit VID output voltage. Please see the TPS51215A data sheet for more information.