SPRACN3 September   2019 66AK2E05 , 66AK2H06 , 66AK2H12 , 66AK2H14 , 66AK2L06 , AM5K2E02 , AM5K2E04


  1.   Using ARM ROM Bootloader on Keystone II Devices
    1.     Trademarks
    2. Keystone2 Boot loader Overview
    3. Boot Examples Package Download
    4. Software Dependencies
    5. Supported Hardware
    6. Software Features
    7. Directory Structure
    8. Building the Examples
    9. Description of the Examples
      1. 8.1 Single Stage Boot Examples
      2. 8.2 Multi-Stage Boot Example
      3. 8.3 Boot Media-Specific Details
        1. 8.3.1 SPI Boot Example
        2. 8.3.2 I2C Boot Examples
        3. 8.3.3 NAND Examples
        4. 8.3.4 UART Boot Examples
        5. 8.3.5 Ethernet boot examples
        6. 8.3.6 K2E Ethernet Boot Errata Workaround
      4. 8.4 Flashing and Running Boot Examples
        1. 8.4.1 Dip Switch Settings
        2. 8.4.2 Running I2C EEPROM example
        3. 8.4.3 Running SPI NOR Example
        4. 8.4.4 Running NAND Example
        5. 8.4.5 Running UART Example
        6. 8.4.6 Running Ethernet Examples
    10. Boot Utilities
    11. 10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    12. 11 References

Using ARM ROM Bootloader on Keystone II Devices

The application report is a comprehensive technical manual to leverage the ROM bootloader to boot applications or secondary bootloaders on Keystone II devices like 66AK2H14 and 66AK2E05. This document provides boot examples along with description of boot utilities and setting up TI supported evaluation platforms to test the sample software.

Additionally, some of the frequently asked questions are addressed around this topic along with additional references to Processor SDK in the SDK documentation on ti.com to design your system boot.

The document is meant to be used as an addendum document to ARM Bootloader User Guide for KeyStone II Devices. The Processor SDK also provides secondary bootloaders that enable developers to enable two stage application booting, which allows for customization of the system boot beyond the capabilities of the ARM® ROM bootloader