AM5K2E02 Sitara Processor: Dual Arm Cortex-A15 |

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Sitara Processor: Dual Arm Cortex-A15



The AM5K2E0x is a high performance device based on TI’s KeyStone II Multicore SoC Architecture, incorporating the most performance-optimized Cortex-A15 processor dual-core or quad-core CorePac that can run at a core speed of up to 1.4 GHz. TI’s AM5K2E0x device enables a high performance, power-efficient and easy to use platform for developers of a broad range of applications such as enterprise grade networking end equipment, data center networking, avionics and defense, medical imaging, test and automation.

TI’s KeyStone II Architecture provides a programmable platform integrating various subsystems (for example, ARM CorePac (Cortex-A15 Processor Quad Core CorePac), network processing, and uses a queue-based communication system that allows the device resources to operate efficiently and seamlessly. This unique device architecture also includes a TeraNet switch that enables the wide mix of system elements, from programmable cores to high-speed IO, to each operate at maximum efficiency with no blocking or stalling.

The AM5K2E0x KeyStone II device integrates a large amount of on-chip memory. The Cortex-A15 processor cores each have 32KB of L1Data and 32KB of L1 Instruction cache. The up to four Cortex A15 cores in the ARM CorePac share a 4MB L2 Cache. The device also integrates 2MB of Multicore Shared Memory (MSMC) that can be used as a shared L3 SRAM. All L2 and MSMC memories incorporate error detection and error correction. For fast access to external memory, this device includes a 64-bit DDR-3 (72-bit with ECC support) external memory interface (EMIF) running at 1600 MTPS.

The device enables developers to use a variety of development and debugging tools that include GNU GCC, GDB, Open source Linux, Eclipse based debugging environment enabling kernel and user space debugging using a variety of Eclipse plug-ins including TI's industry leading IDE Code Composer Studio.


  • ARM® Cortex®-A15 MPCore™ CorePac
    • Up to Four ARM Cortex-A15 Processor Cores at
      up to 1.4-GHz
    • 4MB L2 Cache Memory Shared by all Cortex-
      A15 Processor Cores
    • Full Implementation of ARMv7-A Architecture
      Instruction Set
    • 32KB L1 Instruction and Data Caches per Core
    • AMBA 4.0 AXI Coherency Extension (ACE)
      Master Port, Connected to MSMC (Multicore
      Shared Memory Controller) for Low Latency
      Access to SRAM and DDR3
  • Multicore Shared Memory Controller (MSMC)
    • 2 MB SRAM Memory for ARM CorePac
    • Memory Protection Unit for Both SRAM and
  • Multicore Navigator
    • 8k Multi-Purpose Hardware Queues with Queue
    • One Packet-Based DMA Engine for Zero-
      Overhead Transfers
  • Network Coprocessor
    • Packet Accelerator Enables Support for
      • Transport Plane IPsec, GTP-U, SCTP,
      • L2 User Plane PDCP (RoHC, Air Ciphering)
      • 1 Gbps Wire Speed Throughput at 1.5
        MPackets Per Second
    • Security Accelerator Engine Enables Support for
      • IPSec, SRTP, 3GPP and WiMAX Air
        Interface, and SSL/TLS Security
      • ECB, CBC, CTR, F8, A5/3, CCM, GCM,
        Kasumi, SNOW 3G, SHA-1, SHA-2 (256-bit
        Hash), MD5
      • Up to 6.4 Gbps IPSec and 3 Gbps Air
    • Ethernet Subsystem
      • Eight SGMII Ports with Wire Rate Switching
      • IEEE1588 v2 (with Annex D/E/F) Support
      • 8 Gbps Total Ingress/Egress Ethernet BW
        from Core
      • Audio/Video Bridging (802.1Qav/D6.0)
      • QOS Capability
      • DSCP Priority Mapping
  • Peripherals
    • Two PCIe Gen2 Controllers with Support for
      • Two Lanes per Controller
      • Supports Up to 5 GBaud
    • One HyperLink
      • Supports Connections to Other KeyStone Architecture
        Devices Providing Resource
      • Supports Up to 50 GBaud
    • 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10-GbE) Switch Subsystem
      • Two SGMII/XFI Ports with Wire Rate
        Switching and MACSEC Support
      • IEEE1588 v2 (with Annex D/E/F) Support
    • One 72-Bit DDR3/DDR3L Interface with Speeds Up
      to 1600 MTPS in DDR3 Mode
    • EMIF16 Interface
    • Two USB 2.0/3.0 Controllers
    • USIM Interface
    • Two UART Interfaces
    • Three I2C Interfaces
    • 32 GPIO Pins
    • Three SPI Interfaces
    • One TSIP
      • Support 1024 DS0s
      • Support 2 Lanes at 32.768/16.3848.192
        Mbps Per Lane
  • System Resources
    • Three On-Chip PLLs
    • SmartReflex Automatic Voltage Scaling
    • Semaphore Module
    • Twelve 64-Bit Timers
    • Five Enhanced Direct Memory Access (EDMA)
  • Commercial Case Temperature:
    • 0°C to 85°C
  • Extended Case Temperature:
    • –40°C to 100°C


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Part number Order Arm MHz (Max.) DRAM Approx. price (US$) Arm CPU Ethernet MAC USB SPI I2C Operating temperature range (C) Serial I/O UART
AM5K2E02 Order now 1250
70.10 | 1ku     2 Arm Cortex-A15     8-Port 1Gb Switch     2     3     3     0 to 85
-40 to 100    
AM5K2E04 Samples not available 1250
80.00 | 1ku     4 Arm Cortex-A15     8-Port 1Gb Switch     2     3     3     -40 to 100
0 to 85