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Voltage translators & level shifters 

Resolve input and output voltage difference with level shifter ICs

Our industry-leading portfolio of voltage level translators, or logic level shifters, solves incompatibility differences between different power domains. Browse our wide range of application-specific voltage translators, direction-controlled voltage translators, auto-direction voltage translators and fixed-direction voltage translators.

Auto-direction voltage translators

Automatic direction sensing for two-way level translation applications.

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Direction-controlled voltage translators

Voltage translation with a dedicated direction control.

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Fixed-direction voltage translators

Up or down translation in push-pull and 3-state output configurations.

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Application-specific voltage translators

Voltage translators to address application specific interfaces such as SD Card, SIM Card and IC-USB.

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Automotive 8-bit dual-supply wide voltage level translating transceiver with 3-state output


Automotive 4-channel unidirectional level shifter


Automotive 4-channel fixed direction level shifter with Schmitt-trigger inputs and 3-state outputs

Selecting the right autobidirectional voltage translator for your design

Learn how to overcome common challenges by utilizing logic devices to aid in optimizing system design.

This short Logic Minute training video provides an overview of our three autobidirectional families (TXB, TXS and LSF) and when to use them. We also offer eight videos on the LSF family and two on the basics of logic on translation in the training series.

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Voltage Translation Buying Guide (Rev. A)

Unsure of which voltage translator class to use for your design? Our buying guide will help you find the logic level shifter for your system design requirements. Learn more about auto-direction translators, direction-controlled translators and fixed-direction voltage translators.