Ordering history

Ordering history

What orders are included in a myTI company account’s order history?

All TI store placed for a myTI company account will appear on the Order history page, regardless of the connectivity method or which team member on the company account placed the order.

If you have a personal account before joining a company account, you will still able to view orders placed on your personal account in the company account’s Order history. Only you will be able to view the orders you placed on your personal account, other team members on the company account will not be able to see your personal orders.

Sample orders will appear on the Order history page. Only the user who placed the sample order can view it, other team members cannot view each other’s sample orders.

What are order adjustments?

TI adjusts orders automatically if there is a change in inventory between the order date and the shipping date.

Will orders placed by ex-team members still show up in a myTI company account’s order history?

Yes. The Order History page for a myTI company account includes orders placed by anyone on that account in any time frame, even if they are no longer a team member.

Why are there orders missing from the Order History page?

If you placed an order as a team member on a myTI company account but are no longer a user on that company account, you no longer have the ability to view those orders. Your account will revert back to a personal account, you will still be able to view orders you placed before joining a company account. Contact the company account administrator and ask them to invite you to become a team member once more.

What if I don't want my order history to be viewable by others?

To keep your order history private, create a new personal myTI account and place orders with your personal myTI account rather than a collaborative myTI company account.

On the Order History page, why does the Ordered By column always have the same name listed?

With the API order method, the team member in an administrator role on a myTI company account for the longest period of time is the default name in the Ordered By column. With the TI.com ordering method, the Ordered By column will show the person who made the purchase while logged in.

How do I find my tracking information and invoices in order history?

To locate your tracking information and download invoices, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your myTI account dashboard.
  2. Under Ordering, select Order history.
  3. On the Order history page, find the order you are interested in. Click either the order number or the View Order button on the right-hand side.
  4. On the Order summary page, click the Track/Invoice button.
  5. On the page for this order number, click the Tracking number for shipping details or the Commercial Invoice or Financial Invoice buttons for invoice copies.

On the Order History page, what does the Order Entry column mean?

Order entry describes one of three types of order methods:

  • An API order was placed through the TI store API suite.
  • A robotic process automation (RPA) order was placed through PDF.
  • A TI.com order was placed on TI.com.
  • A TI.com: Personal order was placed on your personal account.
  • A Samples order was placed for samples.