P-channel MOSFETs

Industry's best power density, smallest footprints and easy-to-drive low gate charge

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Designing with high-efficiency, low-power components helps extend battery life for a wide range of electronic devices. Out P-channel MOSFETs offer high power density in small form factors and enable best-in-class voltage and current control for longer battery life in the smallest footprint.

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≤20-V Max BVDSS

Design with a low-voltage P-Channel MOSFET and select ≤20-V devices.


Designing with FemtoFET™ P-channel MOSFETs is ideal for mobile handsets, tablets and any other application where saving board space and extending battery life are required.

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Technical resources

Design guide
Design guide
FemtoFET Surface Mount Guide (Rev. D)
This document describes the surface mount technology (SMT) issues to be considered when attaching these parts to printed circuit boards. 
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Application note
Application note
MOSFET Support and Training Tools (Rev. C)
Explore all of the literature and tools you need to support your power MOSFET designs.
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Technical article
Technical article
What type of ESD protection does your MOSFET include?
Learn the differences in ESD protections to prevent unwanted MOSFET failures and get key design considerations for different ESD structures. 

Design & development resources

Evaluation board
FemtoFET P-ch Evaluation Module

This FemtoFET P-ch EVM includes six daughter cards, each card containing a different FemtoFET p-ch part number.  The daughter cards allow the engineer to easily connect and test these tiny devices.  The six FemtoFETs range from 12V to 20V Vds, and the size of the devices include F3 (...)

Calculation tool
MOSFET power loss calculator for load switch applications
Quickly trade off size, cost and performance to select the optimal MOSFET based on application conditions.
Simulation model
CSD23280F3 Unencrypted PSpice Model
Download the CSD23280F3 unencrypted PSpice model for your design.

Reference designs related to P-channel MOSFETs

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.