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Power management

USB power switches & charging port controllers

Our USB Type-A and USB Type-C™ compliant power and charging port controllers provide efficient, accurate solutions. Our portfolio also includes precision, high current protection devices such as fixed current limited switches, precision adjustable limit switches, USB charging port controllers, switch with boost converters, and switches with LDO.

USB Type-C™ & USB Power Delivery

End-to-end USB Type-C solutions enabling USB Power Delivery, data and video transfer.

Fixed current limit switch

USB Type-A fixed current limit switches are commonly used in various applications worldwide. With more than 100 devices in our portfolio, you can feel confident we have a device for your application.

Precision adjustable limit switch

USB Type-A devices with accurate, adjustable current limits and low resistance for demanding system requirements.

USB charging port controllers

USB Type-A protection and USB dataline BC1.2 handshaking enables charging for popular handheld devices.

Automotive USB power solutions

Our continuously evolving family of Q100 devices includes everything from simple, fixed ILIMIT switches and BC 1.2 charging port controllers to USB C source port controllers.

Special feature switches

If you need a USB port but only have 3.3V of power, or need to power a downstream uC even when your switch is off, a switch with boost or switch with LDO may be right for you.