BQ25910 I2C Controlled 6A Three-Level Switch Mode Single-Cell Charger |

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I2C Controlled 6A Three-Level Switch Mode Single-Cell Charger



The BQ25910 is an integrated three-level switch-mode parallel battery charge management device for single cell Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries. Utilization of the three-level converter maintains highest switch-mode operation efficiency while reducing solution footprint and increasing power density. The device supports fast charging with high input voltage for a wide range of portable devices. The solution integrates reverse-blocking FET (QBLK), and four switching FETs (QHSA, QHSB, QLSB, QLSA). The I2C serial interface with charging and system settings makes the device a truly flexible solution.


  • Parallel charger operation provides fast charging in dual charger configuration
  • High efficiency 750-kHz switch mode three-level buck parallel charger
    • Reduced ripple to support low profile inductor
    • 95.4% Charge efficiency at 1.5 A from 5-V input
    • 93.3% Charge efficiency at 3 A from 9-V input
    • Superior efficiency compared to traditional buck converter in compact form factor
  • Single Input to support USB input and adjustable high voltage adapters
    • Support 3.9-V to 14-V input voltage range with 20-V absolute maximum input voltage rating
    • Input current limit (500 mA to 3.6 A with 100-mA resolution) to support USB2.0 and USB 3.0 standard and high voltage adaptors
    • Maximum power tracking by input voltage limit (VINDPM) up to 14 V
  • Flexible I2C mode for optimal system performance
  • High integration includes all MOSFETs, current sensing and loop compensation
    • Lossless charge current sensing without sense resistor
  • < 10-µA Low battery leakage current during stand-by mode
  • High accuracy
    • ±0.4% Charge voltage regulation
    • ±10% Charge current regulation
    • ±7.5% Input current regulation
    • Remote differential battery sensing
  • Safety
    • Thermal regulation and thermal shutdown
    • Input UVLO and overvoltage protection
    • Battery OVP
    • Input dynamic power management (DPM)
    • Charging safety timer
    • Flying capacitor short circuit protection
    • Output voltage short circuit protection
  • Available in 36-ball WCSP package

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BQ25910 Order now 1     Charger     Li-Ion/Li-Polymer
Lithium Phosphate/LiFePO4    
6     3.9     14     20     3.5     4.775     IINDPM
Integrated FET
Thermal Regulation
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