TMS37157 Passive Low Frequency Interface Device (PaLFI) With EEPROM and 134.2 kHz Transponder Interface |

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Passive Low Frequency Interface Device (PaLFI) With EEPROM and 134.2 kHz Transponder Interface



The TMS37157 combines a Low Frequency Transponder Interface with an SPI Interface and Power Management for a connected microcontroller. It is the ideal device for any Configuration, Data Logger-, Sensoror Remote Control Application. The Transponder memory is accessible through SPI and LF and, in the second case, operates without the need for a battery. The use of the Low Frequency Band ensures a communication in a defined direction and harsh environments.

The TMS37157 manages the Transponder communication and push button interaction. During sleep state the devices enters a special low power mode with only 60 nA current consumption.

The EEPROM memory is accessible over the LF interface without support from the battery or through SPI by a microcontroller if a battery is connected. The TMS37157 offers a special battery charge mode.

The external resonance circuit with a LF coil and a resonance capacitor can be trimmed to the correct resonance frequency with the integrated trimming capability achieving an easy way to eliminate part tolerances.

The small RSA 16-pin package together with only a few external components results in a cost efficient design.


  • Wide Supply Voltage Range 2 V to 3.6 V
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption
    • Active Mode Max. 150 µA
    • Power Down Mode 60 nA
  • 121 Free Bytes User Memory
  • Low Frequency Halb Duplex (HDX) Interface
    • HDX Transponder Communication Achieving Maximum
      Perfomance and Highest Noise Immunity
    • Special Selective Addressing Mode Allows
      Anti Collision
    • Up to 8 kbit/s LF Uplink Data Rate
    • 126 Byte EEPROM:
      • 121 Bytes Free Available EEPROM User Memory
      • 32 Bit Unique Serial Number
      • 8 Bit Selective Address
      • High EEPROM Flexibility
      • Pages are Irreversible Lockable and Protectable
    • Battery Check and Battery Charge Function
    • Resonance Frequency: 134.2 kHz
    • Integrated Resonance Frequency Trimming
    • Downlink – Amplitude Shift Keying
    • Uplink – Frequency Shift Keying
  • 3 Wire SPI Interface for Accessing the EEPROM and
    Exchanging Data With the Microcontroller Through
    the LF Interface
  • 0.6mm Pitch, 4mm x 4mm VQFN Package
    • Wireless Batteryless Sensor Interface using
      Energy Harvesting
      • Microcontroller and Sensor can be Powered Through the
        LF Link
      • Data is Directly Transmitted Over the LF Link From the
        Base Station via the TMS37157 to the Micrcontroller and Vice
    • Batteryless Configuration Memory
      • Memory can be Written Without Battery Support
      • Microcontroller can Read the Content of the Memory When
        It Gets Connected to a Battery and Use It for Configuration
      • Microcontroller can Write the Memory, Which can be Read Out
        Later Through the LF Link
    • Ultra Low Power Data Logger Memory (Smart Metering)
      • Memory Can Be Written By a Microcontroller
      • Memory Can Be Read Through LF Interface Without
        Battery Support
    • Multi Purpose LF Interface to a Microcontroller
      • Short Range RF Interface to a Microcontroller Where
        Other Frequencies are Not an Option
      • Ultra Low Power Mode can Result in an
        Overall Power Consumption of 60 nA
    • Remote Control Application
      • Combination With an UHF Transmitter or IR Transmitter and a µC
      • Power Management of the TMS37157 can Power Down
        the Microcontroller
      • The Push Button Detection Circuit can Power Up a
    • Stand Alone LF-Transponder with Memory
      • RFID Transponder with Unique ID and 121
        Bytes Free Programmable EEPROM User Memory
      • Only Few Additional Components Needed
      • No Battery Required


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