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Generate high-frequency clocks with our RF PLLs & synthesizers

Achieve ultra-low phase noise for high-performance test instrumentation, satellites, radar and 5G wireless systems

We offer a wide portfolio of RF phase-locked loops (PLLs) and synthesizers optimized for wideband, high-speed applications with synchronization and normalized phase noise less than –230 dBc/Hz. Our RF PLLs and synthesizers help reduce your design time while exceeding performance requirements for applications such as aerospace, defense, test and measurement, and wireless communications.

Low phase noise

Achieve the best phase-noise performance using our synthesizers with integrated voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) and PLLs

High-speed data converter clocking

Clock high-speed ADCs and DACs with SYSREF and JESD204B enabled devices

Space & high reliability

Operate in space and harsh environments with radiation-hardened and extended-temperature devices


Reduce current consumption for power sensitive and battery-operated applications

Featured RF PLLs & synthesizers


Space-grade, 40-MHz to 15-GHz wideband synthesizer with phase synchronization and JESD204B support


22.6-GHz wideband RF synthesizer with phase synchronization, JESD and <5-µs frequency calibration


12.8-GHz RF buffer, multiplier, and divider with JESD204B/C SYSREF support and phase synchronization


Low-power RF synthesizer with FSK modulation

Technical resources

Simulate and optimize devices for your design with tools such as loop-filter calculations and phase-noise simulation.

Technical Article

Featured technical articles