Analog-to-digital converter pro (ADCPro™) evaluation software



ADCPro™ is a modular software system for evaluating analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) without the need for expensive logic analyzers and complex analysis routines. Used alone it is suitable for performing analysis on data sets captured from ADC testing; when paired with a Texas Instruments ADC evaluation module (EVM) and suitable data capture card, it becomes part of a powerful evaluation package.


ADCPro software from Texas Instruments will simplify the tasks of collecting and analyzing ADC data, and ease evaluation. With it, you can easily set up an evaluation system that may not exactly replicate the manufacturer's system, but still arrive at meaningful results that can be compared to system requirements.

  • Ability to save and recall data sets
  • Modular design allows additional EVMs and Tests to be supported
  • Time, Histogram, and Frequency Domain Testing

Without any hardware, ADCPro can be used to analyze datasets - this can be an easy way to evaluate the tool. Data can come from two different plugins included in the distribution:

  • TripleGen - a three channel function generator
  • FileReader - an EVM plugin that reads data files stored in the ADCPro format

Using TripleGen as a data source, you can explore the functionality of ADCPro and learn about the test capabilities of the program.

The ADCPro data file format is tab-delimited text and compatible with most spreadsheet programs. If you have data collected from an existing ADC, you can easily format it for reading by FileReader and use ADCPro to analyze the data.

The test plugins that come with ADCPro are:

  • Data Monitor - display the data you've loaded or acquired
  • MultiScope - a multichannel oscilloscope for time domain analysis
  • MultiHisto - a multichannel histogram test with DC noise analysis
  • MultiFFT - a multichannel FFT plugin that displays your data in the frequency domain, and calculates signal-to-noise (SNR), total harmonic distortion (THD), signal-to-noise plus distortion (SINAD or THD+N), and spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR).

Plugins for connecting hardware to ADCPro are available for some Texas Instruments analog-to-digital converters. See the related products section for those evaluation packages that are compatible with ADCPro.

Precision ADCs
ADS1013 12-Bit 3.3kSPS 1-Ch Delta-Sigma ADC With Oscillator, Voltage Reference, and I2C ADS1014 12-Bit 3.3kSPS 1-Ch Delta-Sigma ADC With PGA, Oscillator, Voltage Reference, Comparator, and I2C ADS1113 16-Bit 860SPS 1-Ch Delta-Sigma ADC With Oscillator, Voltage Reference, and I2C ADS1114 16-Bit 860SPS 1-Ch Delta-Sigma ADC With PGA, Oscillator, Vref, Comparator, and I2C ADS1158 16-Bit, 125kSPS, 16-Ch Delta-Sigma ADC w/ Fast Channel Scan & Automatic Sequencer ADS1174 Quad, Simultaneous Sampling, 16-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter ADS1178 Octal, Simultaneous Sampling, 16-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter ADS1256 24-Bit, 30kSPS, 8-Ch Delta-Sigma ADC With PGA for Factory Automation and Process Control ADS1259 24-bit, 14.4kSPS, 1-ch delta-sigma ADC with low-drift voltage reference for factory automation ADS1274 24-Bit, 144kSPS, 4-Ch Simultaneous-Sampling Delta-Sigma ADC for Wide Bandwidth Applications ADS1278 24-Bit, 144kSPS, 8-Ch Simultaneous-Sampling Delta-Sigma ADC for Wide Bandwidth Applications ADS1278-SP Radiation Hardened 24-Bit 8-Ch Simultaneous-Sampling Delta-Sigma ADC ADS1281 Ultra-high-resolution 4-kSPS 1-channel delta-sigma ADC for seismic and energy exploration ADS1282 Ultra-high-resolution 4-kSPS 2-channel delta-sigma ADC with PGA for seismic and energy exploration ADS1672 High Speed High Resolution 625kSPS 24 bit Delta Sigma ADC ADS1675 4MSPS, 24-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter ADS7924 12-Bit 4-Ch MUX-Input SAR ADC With Intelligent System Power Control ADS7945 14-Bit, 2MSPS, Dual-Channel, Unipolar, Differential, u-Power SAR ADC ADS7946 14-Bit, 2MSPS, Dual-Channel, Unipolar, Pseudo-Differential, u-Power SAR ADC ADS7953 12-Bit, 1-MSPS, 16-Channel, Single-Ended, microPower SAR ADC with Serial I/F ADS7957 10 bit, 1 MSPS, 16 Ch, Single Ended, Micro Power, sr i/f, SAR ADC ADS7961 8 Bit, 1 MSPS, 16 Ch, Single Ended, Micro Power, sr i/f, SAR ADC ADS8028 12-bit, 8-channel, 1MSPS, SAR ADC with Internal Reference and Internal Temperature Sensor ADS8317 16-Bit, Pseudo-Bipolar, Fully Diff Input, 250kSPS Serial Out, 2.7V-to-5.5V Micropower Sampling ADC ADS8320 16-Bit, High-Speed, 2.7V-to-5V Micropower Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) ADS8321 16-Bit, High-Speed, Micropower Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) ADS8324 14-Bit 50 kSPS ADC Ser. Out, 1.8V Operation ADS8325 16-Bit, 100kSPS Serial Out, 2.7V-to-5.5V Micropower Sampling ADC ADS8326 16-Bit, Pseudo-Diff Input, 250kSPS Serial Out, 2.7V-to-5.5V Micropower Sampling ADC ADS8568 16-bit, 8-channel, simultaneous-sampling, bipolar-input, SAR analog-to-digital converter (ADC) ADS8638 12-Bit 8-Channel Bipolar SAR With Software-Selectable Input Ranges
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ADCPRO — Analog-to-digital converter pro (ADCPro™) evaluation software

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* User guide ADCPro(TM) Analog-to-Digital Converter Evaluation Software User's Guide (Rev. C) 29 Mar 2012
* User guide ADCPro Hardware and Software Installation Manual (Rev. A) 28 Mar 2012
Application note Principles of Data Acquisition and Conversion (Rev. A) PDF | HTML 16 Apr 2015
Application note A Glossary of Analog-to-Digital Specifications and Performance Characteristics (Rev. B) 09 Oct 2011

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