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The ADS794xEVM-PDK is designed to evaluate the ADS7945 and ADS7946 analog-to-digital converters. These converters are 14-bit dual-channel differential SAR converters with a maximum throughput rate of 2MSPS. The ADS7945 offers fully-differential input voltages while the ADS7946’s pseudo differential inputs offer singled-ended input voltages with common-mode noise cancelling capabilities. The EVM includes input drivers that allow the selection between bipolar and unipolar input voltages. A low noise reference is provided on-board as well as the option to use an external reference. The EVM gives access to every pin of the converter making it easy to connect to any host microprocessor or TI DSP based system.


  • 5V, 3.3V, or 1.8V logic compatible with 16-bit 40Mhz SPI Interface
  • Simple channel selection with a single 16-bit word command
  • Serial interface header for easy connection to TI DSP based communication systems
  • Compatible with the TI Modular EVM System
  • Voltage reference options: on-board REF5040 (4.096V) reference or external reference
  • Voltage reference buffering using OPA350
  • On-board OPA836 (200MHz BW / 1mA quiescent current) ADC input drivers
  • Jumper selectable bipolar ( -Vref/2 to +Vref/2 ) or unipolar ( 0V to Vref ) input range with 5V supply
High-speed op amps (GBW ≥ 50 MHz)
OPA2835 Dual, Ultra Low Power, Rail to Rail Out, Negative Rail In, VFB Amplifier OPA2836 Dual, Very Low Power, Rail to Rail out, Negative Rail in, VFB Op Amp OPA2836-Q1 Automotive, Dual, Very Low Power, Rail to Rail output, VFB Op Amp OPA835 Ultra Low Power, Rail to Rail Out, Negative Rail In, VFB Amplifier OPA836 Very Low Power, Rail to Rail out, Negative Rail in, VFB Op Amp


Precision ADCs
ADS7945 14-Bit, 2MSPS, Dual-Channel, Unipolar, Differential, u-Power SAR ADC
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Evaluation board

ADS7945EVM-PDK — ADS7945 Performance Demonstration Kit

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Support software

ADS7945EVM-PDK-SW — Software for ADS7945EVM-PDK; requires ADCPRO

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GUI for evaluation module (EVM)

ADCPRO — Analog-to-digital converter pro (ADCPro™) evaluation software

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ADCPRO Analog-to-digital converter pro (ADCPro™) evaluation software

Latest version
Version: 2.0.1
Release date: 16 Feb 2024
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Hardware development
Evaluation board
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Release Infomation

ADCPro™ is a modular software system for evaluating analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) without the need for expensive logic analyzers and complex analysis routines. Used alone it is suitable for performing analysis on data sets captured from ADC testing; when paired with a Texas Instruments ADC evaluation module (EVM) and suitable data capture card, it becomes part of a powerful evaluation package.

TI's Standard Terms and Conditions for Evaluation Items apply.

Technical documentation

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* EVM User's guide ADS794xEVM and ADS794xEVM-PDK User Guide (Rev. B) 07 Sep 2017
Certificate ADS7945EVM-PDK EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) 02 Jan 2019
Data sheet 14-Bit, 2-MSPS, Dual-Channel, Differential/Single-Ended, Ultralow-Power ADCs datasheet (Rev. B) 15 Sep 2011

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