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Analog-to-digital converter pro (ADCPro™) evaluation software

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Latest version
Version: 2.0.1
Release date: 16 Feb 2024
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Hardware development
Evaluation board
ADS1120EVM ADS1120 Evaluation Module ADS1220EVM ADS1220 evaluation module ADS1256EVM-PDK ADS1256 Performance Demonstration Kit ADS1259EVM-PDK ADS1259 Performance Demonstration Kit ADS1282EVM-PDK ADS1282 performance demonstration kit ADS7924EVM-PDK ADS7924 Performance Demonstration Kit ADS7945EVM-PDK ADS7945 Performance Demonstration Kit ADS7957EVM-PDK ADS7957 Performance Demonstration Kit ADS7961EVM-PDK ADS7961 Performance Demonstration Kit ADS8028EVM-PDK ADS8028 Performance Demonstration Kit ADS8320EVM-PDK ADS8320 Performance Development Kit ADS8325EVM-PDK ADS8325 Performance Development Kit ADS8326EVM-PDK ADS8326 Performance Development Kit ADS8339EVM-PDK ADS8339 16-bit, 250-kSPS, miniature SAR ADC evaluation module performance demonstration kit (PDK) ADS8638EVM-PDK ADS8638 Performance Demonstration Kit ADS7924EVM ADS7924 Evaluation Module


Release Information

ADCPro™ is a modular software system for evaluating analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) without the need for expensive logic analyzers and complex analysis routines. Used alone it is suitable for performing analysis on data sets captured from ADC testing; when paired with a Texas Instruments ADC evaluation module (EVM) and suitable data capture card, it becomes part of a powerful evaluation package.