Elliptic Labs AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform™ for ultrasound tone generation with TAS5825
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When used with TI’s TAS5825M Class-D audio amplifier, Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform™ software enables designers to easily add new interactive features to their systems through the transmission of always-on, low-power ultrasonic tones from the amplifier. Designers can use Elliptic Labs’ software to add presence-detection (INNER REFLECTION™) and gesture-based (INNER MAGIC™) capabilities for a new level of user interaction in smart devices.

Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform creates virtual sensors by using the device’s existing microphone and speaker. Through the transmission of inaudible ultrasonic tones throughout the room, INNER MAGIC and INNER REFLECTION interpret the tones’ echoes to detect presence or gestures, respectively. This flexible presence detection and gesture recognition can be used in various applications, from music control to faster wake-up times in TVs and laptops. Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform provides a 360-degree interaction zone and can detect small movements.

Supporting up to 192 kHz sampling, the TAS5825M can host Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform in its digital signal processor. When using the amplifier and software together, designers can add ultrasonic features to applications with host processors with limited processing power. The generation and transmission of ultrasonic tones from the amplifier eases system integration, offloads tasks from the host processor and increases system efficiency by allowing the host processor to enter a lower-power state.

For more information about TAS5825M support for ultrasound applications with integrated ultrasound tone generation, email ultrasound_audio@list.ti.com. Learn more about Elliptic Labs at http://www.ellipticlabs.com/products.

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Elliptic Labs AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform™ for ultrasound with TAS5825M

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TAS5825M  38-W stereo, 65-W mono, 4.5- to 26-V, digital input Class-D Smart Audio Amplifier w/ 192kHz arch  Audio amplifiers 

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