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Speech Codecs for C64x+-based Devices

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Latest version
Version: 1.00.001
Release date: 07 Mar 2010
Digital signal processors (DSPs)
TMS320C6457 Communications infrastructure digital signal processor TMS320DM6437Q Digital media processor, up to 4800 MIPS, 600 MHz clock rate, 1 McASP, 2 McBSP TMS320DM6441 DaVinci Digital Media System-on-Chip TMS320DM6467T Digital Media System-on-Chip


Release Information

All codecs are


compliant and implement one of the XDM 1.0 interfaces.

Each codec is XDC packaged and validated on DM6446 EVM in a Codec Engine based test framework.

TIPS and


: Understanding and integrating TI codecs:

Codecs FAQ | Codec Engine FAQ | XDM FAQ | How do I integrate codecs into the DVSDK |


and OMAP Software for Dummies

SUPPORTED PLATFORMS:All these speech modules can be used on any of the C64x+ based platforms like DM644x, DM646x, OMAP3530, DM648, C6466 and C674x

RELEASE PACKAGE: All the speech codec releases have both encoder and decoder release packages

G722.2 from ITU-T is also known as GSM-WBAMR from 3GPP

PERFORMANCE: Please refer to codec data sheet for MHz and memory requirement. Actual MHz requirements vary depending on memory and cache configuration

Technical Support: please contact Couth Infotech Private Limited, email: