CODECS - Video and Speech- C64x+-based Devices (OMAP35x, C645x, C647x, DM646, DM644x, DM643x)




TI codecs are free, come with production licensing and are available for download now. All are production-tested for easy integration into video and voice applications. Click GET SOFTWARE button (above) to access the most recent, tested codec versions available. Datasheets and Release Notes are on that page, as well as in each installer.



Additional Information:


For best design results, find the codec(s) optimized for your platform. If none are available, click GET SOFTWARE button (above) for codecs optimized for TI C64x+ core-based devices (i.e. most devices in the OMAP35x, TMS320C645x, TMS320C647x, TMS320DM646x, TMS320DM644x and TMS320DM643x families).


C64x+ Codecs offer:

  • LINUX and WINDOWS installers
  • XDC packaged and validated on a standard EVM in a Codec Engine-based test
  • All codecs are eXpressDSP™ compliant and implement one of the XDM 1.x interfaces
  • Performance data are specified in each codec Datasheet


Software codec

DM648-CODECS See DM648 Codecs (XDM v0.9)

Supported products & hardware

Supported products & hardware

Arm-based processors
OMAP3503 Sitara processor: Arm Cortex-A8, LPDDR OMAP3515 Sitara Processor: Arm Cortex-A8, 3D Graphics, LPDDR OMAP3525 Applications Processor OMAP3530 Applications Processor
Digital signal processors (DSPs)
TMS320C6452 C64x+ fixed point DSP- up to 900MHz, 1Gbps Ethernet TMS320C6454 C64x+ fixed point DSP- up to 1GHz, 64-Bit EMIFA, 32/16 Bit DDR2, 1 Gbps Ethernet TMS320C6455 C64x+ fixed point DSP- up to 1.2GHz, 64-Bit EMIFA, 32/16 Bit DDR2, 1 Gbps Ethernet TMS320C6457 Communications infrastructure digital signal processor TMS320C6472 Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor TMS320C6474 Multicore Digital Signal Processor TMS320DM6437 Digital Media Processor TMS320DM6437Q Digital media processor, up to 4800 MIPS, 600 MHz clock rate, 1 McASP, 2 McBSP TMS320DM6441 DaVinci Digital Media System-on-Chip TMS320DM6443 DaVinci Digital Media System-on-Chip TMS320DM6446 DaVinci Digital Media System-on-Chip TMS320DM6467 Digital Media System-on-Chip TMS320DM6467T Digital Media System-on-Chip

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