BQ27421EVM-G1B システム側バッテリ残量 (Gas) 計評価基板




System-Side Battery Fuel (Gas) Gauge Solution Evaluation Module

The BQ27421EVM-G1B evaluation module is a complete evaluation system for the bq27421. The EVM includes one bq27421 circuit module with an integrated current-sense resistor. A separated orderable EV2300 or EV2400 PC interface board for gas gauge interface along with a PC USB cable, and Windows™-based PC software is needed when using this EVM. The circuit module includes one bq27421 integrated circuit and all other onboard components necessary to monitor and predict capacity for a system-side fuel gauge solution. The circuit module connects directly across the battery pack. With the EV2300 or EV2400 interface board and software, the user can: (1)Read the bq27421 data registers. (2)Program the chipset for different configurations. (3)Log cycling data for further evaluation. (4)Evaluate the overall functionality of the bq27421 solution under different charge and discharge conditions. The latest Windows™ – based PC software can be downloaded from the product folder on the Texas Instruments Web site.

  • Populated circuit module for quick setup and evaluation.
  • Downloadable software that can be used for data logging and analysis.

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    BQ27421-G1 センス抵抗内蔵、System-side™ (システム側) バッテリ残量計 | バッテリ残量計



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    証明書 BQ27421EVM-G1B EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) 2019年 1月 2日
    ユーザー・ガイド bq27421EVM Single Cell Impedance Track™ Technology Evaluation Module (Rev. A) 2016年 7月 31日
    その他の技術資料 Innovative Charging Solutions (Rev. C) 2014年 8月 18日


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