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Proven solutions to easily add Bluetooth® or Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) to your automotive, industrial or personal electronics application

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Explore our low-cost Bluetooth® LE or dual-mode Bluetooth devices for any application. Our high-quality, ultra-low-power devices support the full spectrum of new Bluetooth® 5 standards such as high-speed, long-range, Bluetooth® Mesh, direction finding, multi-protocol support and more. Partner with us for any of your design needs.

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Bluetooth LE wireless microcontrollers

Learn about our affordable portfolio of high-quality wireless microcontrollers (MCUs) with flexible memory, performance, package and cost options.

Dual-mode Bluetooth controllers

Choose from a Bluetooth® Classic solution or dual-mode Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE solution.

Select the right Bluetooth device by use case and memory

Simplify your design & development process

Whether you are working on a simple design or building a complex system, you should have confidence in your designs. Our extensive and easy-to-use hardware and software tools, and 24/7 year-round access to industry experts will empower you to drive innovation forward.

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Design & development resources

Design tool
Hardware design reviews for SimpleLink™ CC2xxx devices

The SimpleLink hardware design review process provides a way to get in touch, one-on-one, with a subject matter expert that can help review your design and provide valuable feedback. A simple 3-step process for requesting a review as well as links to relevant technical documentation and resources (...)

Calculation tool
Bluetooth Power Calculator Tool
This tool is used to calculate Bluetooth Low Energy power consumption estimates for various use cases on TI Bluetooth devices. The calculator includes both advertising and peripheral use cases with the ability to configure different use case profile parameters. The calculator outputs an estimate (...)
Design tool
Third party wireless module search tool

The third party wireless module search tool helps developers to identify products that meet their end equipment specifications and procure production ready wireless modules. The third party module vendors included in the search tool are independent third party companies with expertise in designing (...)

Why choose TI Bluetooth


Industry-leading, low-power performance

Extend your battery life with our low-power Bluetooth LE devices with features including 0.85-µA standby current over temperature, best-in-class coin-cell operation at 10 dBm and more


The most scalable and affordable portfolio

Pin-to-pin and software compatible portfolio with scalable peripherals and Flash memory up to 704 kB from SoCs to modules.


Robust software stack

One-stop for any protocol or applications with the SimpleLink software development kit (SDK). The most reliable, complete software offering optimized for our low-power devices


Quality, reliability and certification

Our Bluetooth solutions are proven and tested to meet the highest automotive, industrial and regulatory compliance standards as well as provide easy certification with the Bluetooth SIG.

Overview of Bluetooth Mesh

TI Bluetooth Mesh

Discover how to create low power sensors and automation applications using TI's Bluetooth Mesh solutions.  With 1uA standby current to enable extended battery life, TI's porfolio of Bluetooth Low Energy solutions support diverse requirements to support the different nodes in the mesh network. 

Bluetooth Mesh fundamentals
This workshop is an introduction to the Bluetooth Mesh feature of the SimpleLink CC26xx and CC13xx software development kit (SDK). 
Webinar: Extend your wireless network with mesh technologies
Mesh network topology has become a great way for developers to extend their network range or size. This webinar provides an overview of the different mesh protocols, specifically Wi-SUN and Bluetooth Mesh.
Featured products for TI Bluetooth Mesh
NEW CC2652R7 ACTIVE SimpleLink™ Arm® Cortex®-M4F multiprotocol 2.4-GHz wireless MCU with 704-kB Flash
NEW CC2652P7 ACTIVE SimpleLink™ Arm® Cortex®-M4F multiprotocol 2.4-GHz wireless MCU, 704-kB Flash, integrated power amp
CC2642R ACTIVE SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless MCU with 352kB Flash

Technical resources

Application note
Application note
How to Certify Your Bluetooth Product (Rev. H)
This application report is provided to guide system designers with an overview of the qualification and listing process needed to bring an end product incorporating a TI SimpleLink™ Bluetooth Low Energy wireless MCU to the market.
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Car access with TI connection monitor
Learn how the TI Connection Monitor is used to monitor Bluetooth LE communications to estimate the distance between the connection monitor and Bluetooth LE enabled devices for car access or remote keyless entry.
Secure boot for SimpleLink wireless MCUs
Secure boot is a security enabler offered on embedded processors to verify the integrity and authenticity of the code to be executed on the processor at the time of device booting process