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Explore our low-cost Bluetooth® LE or dual-mode Bluetooth devices for any application. Our high-quality, ultra-low-power devices support the full spectrum of new Bluetooth 5 standards such as high-speed, long-range, Bluetooth Mesh, direction finding, multi-protocol support and more. Partner with us for any of your design needs.

Bluetooth LE wireless microcontrollers

Learn about our affordable portfolio of high-quality wireless microcontrollers (MCUs) with flexible memory, performance, package and cost options, with features including: 

  • Pin-to-pin and software compatible portfolio
  • Scalable peripherals and flash memory up to 704 kB
  • System on chip or modules supporting up to 105°C 

Dual-mode Bluetooth controllers

Choose from a Bluetooth Classic solution or dual-mode Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE solution, with features including:

  • Optimized power consumption over a long range
  • Royalty-free TI Bluetooth stack for RTOS and Linux
  • Compatibility with a variety of MCUs
  • Options for TI certified modules

Select the right Bluetooth device by use case and memory

Get an overview of our Bluetooth portfolio

Our interactive SimpleLink™ MCU Academy modules and Connect video series can be used as a foundation to help you add Bluetooth Low Energy to your product.

Why choose TI Bluetooth: The most relevant features to address your needs

Extend your battery life with our low-power Bluetooth LE devices with features including 0.85-µA standby current over temperature, best-in-class coin-cell operation at 10 dBm and more.

Discover the one-stop for any protocol or application with the SimpleLink™ software development kit (SDK).  The most reliable, complete software offering optimized for our low-power devices.

Easily certify your end product with the Bluetooth special interest group (SIG) and meet regulatory compliance standards with our Bluetooth devices.

Our devices, hardware and software are proven and tested to the highest automotive and industrial standards.

Our Bluetooth Low Energy devices offer the latest built-in security features to help enable data integrity and protection.

Leverage our comprehensive resources to evaluate, design, test and get to production quickly.

Our module vendors help you accelerate your design process with solutions that already have built-in external components.