Power Management

Signage & Large Display LED Driver

Texas Instruments offers a broad portfolio of 16-48 channel output large LED display driver solutions for signage applications such as concert displays, billboards and signboards. The high-performance LED drivers enable large video screens that require video-display-driver dedicated technologies for vivid imaging, while enabling large simple text / character only displays. Backed by design resources and technical support, TI’s signage LED display drivers get your designs to market faster.


24 - 48 channel output

Higher density LED drivers for higher end displays: 8 RGB (24=8x3) and 16 RGB (48=16x3).


16 channel output

Basic ON/OFF type drivers for sign-boards, billboards, low to middle range video displays. PWM type drivers for middle to high range video displays.

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Featured products


48 Channel, 16 Bit ES-PWM, LED Driver with Pre-Charge FET


48-Channel, 16-Bit ESPWM LED Driver with Pre-Charge FET


48-Channel, 16-Bit ESPWM LED Driver with Pre-Charge FET, LOD Caterpillar


16-Bit Fast-Mode Plus (FM+) I2C-Bus Constant-Current LED Sink Driver

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Technical resources

Digital signage quick reference guide

Use this quick reference guide to find the right LED driver for digital signage applications

Featured TI Design

64x64 Full Color (R/G/B) LED Matrix with High Multiplexing Reference Design

LED design support

Find out what our experts say about LED drivers by reading our latest posts in TI’s E2E Community.

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