ADC12081 12-Bit, 5 MHz Self-Calibrating, Pipelined A/D Converter with Internal Sample & Hold |

ADC12081 (ACTIVE) 12-Bit, 5 MHz Self-Calibrating, Pipelined A/D Converter with Internal Sample & Hold


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The ADC12081 is a monolithic CMOS analog-to-digital converter capable of converting analog input signals into 12-bit digital words at 5 megasamples per second (MSPS). The ADC12081 utilizes an innovative pipeline architecture to minimize die size and power consumption. The ADC12081 uses self-calibration and error correction to maintain accuracy and performance over temperature.

The ADC12081 converter operates on a 5V power supply and can digitize analog input signals in the range of 0 to 2V. A single convert clock controls the conversion operation. All digital I/O is TTL compatible.

The ADC12081 is designed to minimize external components necessary for the analog input interface. An internal sample-and-hold circuit samples the analog input and an internal amplifier buffers the reference voltage input.

The ADC12081 is available in the 32-lead LQFP package and is designed to operate over the extended commercial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.


  • Single 5V Power Supply
  • Simple Analog Input Interface
  • Internal Sample-and-Hold
  • Internal Reference Buffer Amplifier
  • Low Power Consumption


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Part number Order Resolution (Bits) Sample rate (Max) (kSPS) Number of input channels Interface Operating temperature range (C) Package Group Approx. price (US$) Power consumption (Typ) (mW) Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG) Architecture Input type Multi-channel configuration Reference mode Features Input range (Max) (V) Input range (Min) (V) Analog voltage AVDD (Min) (V) Analog voltage AVDD (Max) (V) Digital supply (Min) (V) Digital supply (Max) (V) INL (Max) (+/-LSB) SNR (dB) THD (Typ) (dB) Rating
ADC12081 Order now 12     5000     1     Parallel     -20 to 75     LQFP | 32     5.25 | 1ku     105     32LQFP: 81 mm2: 9 x 9 (LQFP | 32)     Pipeline     Single-Ended         Ext         2.2     0     4.75     5.25     4.75     5.25     1.7     68     -79     Catalog