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14-Bit Ultra-Low Power, Ultra Small SAR ADC


24-bit sensor measurement delta-sigma ADC

Technical resources

Complete your system with tested companion devices for SAR and delta-sigma ADCs.

Learn about SAR and delta-sigma ADC architectures and how to know which is best for your design.

E-book that puts commonly used analog fomulas at your fingertips (registration required).

Data Converter Learning Center

The data converter learning center features analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) system design resources.

Data Converter Learning Center

Featured TI Designs reference designs

Isolated current shunt/voltage measurement

Features an isolated input with four-wire shunt resistor for monitoring high- and low-voltage automotive battery packs

Precision weigh-scale reference design with ac bridge excitation

Achieves greater than 50,000 noise-free counts of resolution; offset and offset drift errors are nearly eliminated by ac bridge excitation

Isolated, high-voltage analog input module

Provides eight channels and supports high-voltage inputs up to ±12.288 V

Isolated, universal analog input module for PLC

When used in conjunction with sensor transmitters, can measure standard input voltages and currents, as well as thermocouples, RTD and 4-20mA loops

Multiplexed data acquisition for high-voltage inputs and low distortion

Implements a 16-bit, differential 4-channel, multiplexed data acquisition system at 400-KSPS throughput for industrial applications

High-accuracy, ±0.5% current and isolated voltage measurement

Enables accurate voltage and current measurement using a bipolar input configuration

Companion devices

Drive your ADC with precision accuracy.

Shunt and series references for any application.

Low-noise LDO and linear regulators.