±250 mV-Input Precision Reinforced Isolated Amplifier for Current Sensing

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* Datasheet AMC1301 Precision, ±250-mV Input, 3-µs Delay, Reinforced Isolated Amplifier datasheet (Rev. E) Mar. 09, 2018
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Technical articles Optocouplers and silicon-based galvanic isolation technology – how do they work? Oct. 28, 2019
More literature Nonoptical Isolating Devices UL 1577 Certificate of Compliance (Rev. B) Nov. 26, 2018
User guides AMC130x Evaluation Module (Rev. C) Jun. 28, 2018
User guides ISO5852SDW Driving and Protecting SiC and IGBT Power Modules May 24, 2018
White papers Understanding failure modes in isolators (Rev. A) May 10, 2018
Application notes Thermocouple Temperature Measurements Using Isolated Amplifiers (Rev. A) Aug. 11, 2017
White papers Charging stations: Toward an EV support infrastructure May 09, 2017
Application notes Interfacing a Differential-Output (Isolated) Amp to a Single-Ended Input ADC Apr. 19, 2017
White papers High Voltage Isolation Quality and Reliability for AMC130x Jun. 21, 2016
Selection guides Understanding isolation terminology and relevance May 23, 2016
User guides Shunt Based 200A Peak Current Measurement Using Isolation Amplifier Design Guide (Rev. A) Mar. 05, 2016
User guides 0-5 A, Single-Supply, 2 kV Isolated Current Sensing Solution Jun. 18, 2013