Digital Isolators

Highest working-voltage, lowest emissions, and highest efficiency, integrated-power

Reinforced Digital Isolation with Integrated Power

Features include Isolation rating of 5 kVrms, up to 0.65 W output power, high efficiency and lowest electromagnetic emissions

Reinforced Digital Isolation

Features include industry's highest isolation rating up to 5.7kVrms, operational Voltage from 2.25 to 5.5V and speeds up to 100Mbps

Basic Digital Isolation

Features include Isolation Rating up to 3.0kVrms, speeds up to 150Mbps and broadest portfolio

Small Package Isolation

Features include basic Isolation offered in smaller QSSOP packages and ideal for space constrained designers

Reinforced Digital Isolators with Integrated DC-DC Converter 

TI’s ISOW784x family of digital isolators integrates a DC-DC power converter that provides up to 650 mW of isolated power at high efficiency. The devices eliminate the need for a separate isolated power supply in space-constrained, isolated designs. The signal isolation channel has a logic input and output buffer, separated by a silicon dioxide (SiO2) insulation barrier, whereas, power isolation uses on-chip transformers separated by thin film polymer as insulating material.

Why use the ISOW784x isolators with integrated power?

  • Integrated isolated power and data up to 100 Mbps, minimizing board space and cost for simplified system design.
  • 80% higher efficiency than other integrated solutions, enabling higher power delivery and longer system lifetime.
  • Lower radiated emissions than competitive integrated devices, improving system signal integrity and providing robust EMC to meet IEC 61000-4-x standards.

Featured Products


High-Speed, Low-Power, Robust EMC, Quad-Channel Digital Isolator


High-Speed, 5000-VRMS Dual-Channel Digital Isolator


High-Immunity, 5.7-kVRMS Reinforced Quad-Channel Digital Isolator

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