BQ78PL114 PowerLAN Gateway Battery Management Controller with PowerPump Cell Balancing |

BQ78PL114 (NRND)

PowerLAN Gateway Battery Management Controller with PowerPump Cell Balancing


Not Recommended for New Designs (NRND)

Replaced By BQ34Z100-G1 – The device has SIMILAR FUNCTIONALITY but is not functionally equivalent to the compared device.

TI does not recommend using this part in a new design. This product continues to be in production to support existing customers.

Special note

Not recommended for use in lithium iron phosphate and similarly low voltage cell chemistries


The bq78PL114 master gateway battery controller is part of a complete Li-Ion control, monitoring, and safety solution designed for large series cell strings.

The bq78PL114 and bq78PL114S12 along with bq76PL102 PowerLAN™ dual-cell monitors provide complete battery-system control, communications, and safety functions for a structure of three up to twelve series cells. This PowerLAN system provides simultaneous, synchronized voltage and current measurements using one A/D per-cell technology. This eliminates system-induced noise from measurements and allows the precise, continuous, real-time calculation of cell impedance under all operating conditions, even during widely fluctuating load conditions.

PowerPump technology transfers charge between cells to balance their voltage and capacity. Balancing is possible during all battery modes: charge, discharge, and rest. Highly efficient charge-transfer circuitry nearly eliminates energy loss while providing true real-time balance between cells, resulting in longer run-time and improved cycle life.

Temperature is sensed by up to 12 external sensors and one on-chip sensor. This permits accurate temperature monitoring of each cell individually. Firmware is then able to compensate for the temperature-induced effects on capacity, impedance, and OCV on a cell-by-cell basis, resulting in superior charge/ discharge and balancing control.

External MOSFET control inputs provide user- definable direct hardware control over MOSFET states. Smart control prevents excessive current through MOSFET body diodes. Auxiliary inputs can be used for enhanced safety and control in large multicell arrays.

The bq78PL114 is completely user-configurable, with parametric tables in flash memory to suit a variety of cell chemistries, operating conditions, safety controls, and data reporting needs. It is easily configured using the supplied bqWizard graphical user interface (GUI). The device is fully programmed and requires no algorithm or firmware development.

The bq78PL114 can be upgraded to the bq78PL114S12 by downloading the bq78PL114S12 firmware. The firmware can be downloaded using the bqWizard application or during manufacturing. Upgrading to the bq78Pl114S12 changes the functionality of the LED1-LED5, LEDEN, and N/C pin #29. The bq78PL114S12 pin functions of LED1/SEG1-LED5/SEG5, PSH/BP/TP, and FIELD support LED, LCD, and electronic paper displays (EPDs). The user can configure the bq78PL114S12 for the desired display type.

In this document all descriptions for the bq78PL114 apply to the bq78PL114S12 except where different bq78PL114S12 functionality is specifically described.


  • bq78PL114 Designed for Managing 3- to 8-Series-Cell Battery Systems
  • bq78PL114S12 Firmware Upgrade Supports 3- to 12-Series-Cell Battery Systems
    • Adds Support for LCD and Electronic Paper Displays or EPDs
    • Configurable for 11-A, 26-A, or 110-A Operating Currents
  • Systems With More Than Four Series Cells Require External bq76PL102 Dual-Cell Monitors
  • SmartSafety Features:
    • Prevention: Optimal Cell Management
    • Diagnosis: Improved Sensing of Cell Problems
    • Fail Safe: Detection of Event Precursors
  • Rate-of-Change Detection of All Important Cell Characteristics:
    • Voltage
    • Impedance
    • Cell Temperature
  • PowerPump Technology Transfers Charge Efficiently From Cell to Cell During All Operating Conditions, Resulting in Longer Run Time and Cell Life
    • bq78PL114S12 Adds User-Configurable PowerPump Cell-Balancing Modes
  • High-Resolution 18-Bit Integrating Delta-Sigma Coulomb Counter for Precise Charge-Flow Measurements and Gas Gauging
  • Multiple Independent ADCs: One-per-Cell Voltage, Plus Separate Temperature, Current, and Safety
  • Simultaneous, Synchronous Measurement of Pack Current and Individual Cell Voltages
  • Very Low Power Consumption
    • bq78PL114: < 250 µA Active, < 150 µA Standby, < 40 µA Ship, and < 1 µA Undervoltage Shutdown
    • bq78PL114S12: < 300 µA Active, < 185 µA Standby, < 85 µA Ship, and < 1 µA Undervoltage Shutdown
  • Accurate, Advanced Temperature Monitoring of Cells and MOSFETs With up to 12 Sensors
  • Fail-Safe Operation of Pack Protection Circuits: Up to Three Power MOSFETs and One Secondary Safety Output (Fuse)
  • Fully Programmable Voltage, Current, Balance, and Temperature-Protection Features
  • External Inputs for Auxiliary MOSFET Control
  • Smart Battery System 1.1 Compliant via SMBus
    • Portable Medical Instruments and Test Equipment
    • Mobility Devices (E-Bike)
    • Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Hand-Held Tools

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