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13A three phase brushless DC motor driver with inrush protection (PWM ctrl)

13A three phase brushless DC motor driver with inrush protection (PWM ctrl) - DRV8332

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The DRV83x2 are high-performance, integrated three-phase motor drivers with an advanced protection system.

Because of the low RDS(on) of the power MOSFETs and intelligent gate drive design, the efficiency of these motor drivers can be up to 97%. This high efficiency the use of smaller power supplies and heatsinks, and the devices are good candidates for energy-efficient applications.

The DRV83x2 require two power supplies, one at 12 V for GVDD and VDD, and another up to 50 V for PVDD. The DRV83x2 can operate at up to 500-kHz switching frequency while still maintaining precise control and high efficiency. The devices also have an innovative protection system safeguarding the device against a wide range of fault conditions that could damage the system. These safeguards are short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection, and two-stage thermal protection. The DRV83x2 have a current-limiting circuit that prevents device shutdown during load transients such as motor start-up. A programmable overcurrent detector allows adjustable current limit and protection level to meet different motor requirements.

The DRV83x2 have unique independent supply and ground pins for each half-bridge. These pins make it possible to provide current measurement through external shunt resistor and support half bridge drivers with different power supply voltage requirements.


  • High-Efficiency Power Stage (up to 97%) With Low RDS(on)
    MOSFETs (80 mΩ at TJ = 25°C)
  • Operating Supply Voltage up to 50 V
    (70-A Absolute Maximum)
  • DRV8312 (Power Pad Down): up to 3.5-A Continuous
    Phase Current (6.5-A Peak)
  • DRV8332 (Power Pad Up): up to 8-A Continuous Phase
    Current (13-A Peak)
  • Independent Control of Three Phases
  • PWM Operating Frequency up to 500 kHz
  • Integrated Self-Protection Circuits Including Undervoltage,
    Overtemperature, Overload, and Short Circuit
  • Programmable Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit Protection
  • Independent Supply and Ground Pins for Each Half Bridge
  • Intelligent Gate Drive and Cross Conduction Prevention
  • No External Snubber or Schottky Diode is Required
    • BLDC Motors
    • Three-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
    • Inverters
    • Half Bridge Drivers
    • Robotic Control Systems

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