Motor Drivers

Brushed DC Motor Drivers

Smart gate drivers and integrated motor drivers for BLDC motor control

TI’s DRV8x family of brushed DC drivers are easy-to-use and make motors simple to spin. With flexible control interface options and multiple current range offerings, users can control one or more brushed DC motors with a single chip from 1.8V to 60V.

Fully protected

Fully protected

Fully protected against under-voltage, over-current, over-temperature & current shoot-through conditions

Reduced board

Reduced board space

Save board space and component count over discrete solutions

Quicker design

Reduce design time and get products to market faster

DRV8x BDC drivers with integrated FETs

Smallest board space option, minimum design effort, and fully protected.

DRV8x BDC gate drivers

Design flexible and scalable solutions, ideal for higher current applications, reduce board space over discrete solutions, and fully protected.

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Featured products


3.6A Brushed DC Motor Driver with Integrated Current Sensing (PWM Ctrl)


12-V to 24-V bi-directional, full-bridge, BDC motor gate driver