Motor drivers

Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Drivers

Smart gate drivers and integrated motor driver ICs for BLDC motor control

Maximize performance of 3-phase brushless motor and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) with TI’s portfolio of BLDC motor drivers. With key features such as smart gate drive, integrated motor control, integrated FETs, and SafeTI™ design packages, these devices enhance designs across industrial, personal electronics, and automotive applications.

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Integrated MOSFET and gate driver solutions with protection, sensing, or power management features.

Integrated control

Spin the motor without an external microcontroller using integrated control functionality.

Functional safety

SafeTI™ design packages help designers meet industry standard functional safety requirements.

Build your expertise with TI Precision Labs – Brushless-DC motors 

Our curriculum for brushless-DC motors introduces what a brushless-DC motor is, how it works and how you would drive it. Brushless-DC motors offer a quiet, efficient and power-dense solution for many applications, however there are some hurdles that must be overcome to get the motor to spin properly.

Check out our how-to training videos on brushless-DC motors any time, on-demand.