MM5453 Liquid Crystal Display Drivers (LCD Driver) |

MM5453 (ACTIVE) Liquid Crystal Display Drivers (LCD Driver)

Liquid Crystal Display Drivers (LCD Driver) - MM5453


The MM5452 is a monolithic integrated circuit utilizing CMOS metal gate, low threshold enhancement mode devices. It is available in a 40-pin PDIP package. The chip can drive up to 32 segments of LCD and can be paralleled to increase this number. The chip is capable of driving a 4½-digit 7-segment display with minimal interface between the display and the data source.

The MM5452 stores display data in latches after it is clocked in, and holds the data until new display data is received.


  • Serial Data Input
  • No Load Signal Required
  • DATA ENABLE (MM5452)
  • Wide Power Supply Operation
  • TTL Compatibility
  • 32 or 33 Outputs
  • Alphanumeric and Bar Graph Capability
  • Cascaded Operation Capability

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Part number Order Display type IC integration Vin (Min) (V) Vin (Max) (V) Source driver voltage (Min) (V) Source driver voltage (Max) (V) Level shifter/scan driver (ch) Special function Topology Type Rating Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG) Package Group
MM5453 Order now     LCD Bias     3     10     -0.3     10     0                 Catalog     44PLCC: 307 mm2: 17.53 x 17.53 (PLCC | 44)     PLCC | 44