Power management

Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions

PSEs and PDs for PoE design interoperability and flexibility

TI Power over Ethernet (PoE) ICs offer high interoperability, reliability, convenience, and low cost to those wanting to easily deliver power through Ethernet cables. The IEEE Committee is developing a new PoE standard (IEEE 802.3bt), which will enable power up to 90W received or 71 watts sent, making it ideal for more robust applications that typically require installation from licensed personnel, like connected lighting . TI has been involved in the standard’s development since inception, and has a full IEEE802.3bt-ready end-to-end portfolio  of interoperable Powered Devices (PD) and Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) controllers.

PoE powered devices (PD)

A PD-only device manages and protects the POE power system at the load, VIN= VOUT. A PD+DC/DC does all that and performs the DC/DC conversion to provide the required load voltages.

Power sourcing equipment (PSE)

PSE devices protect and manage the power as it is being put into the CAT-5 cable. Classification, identification, and overload protection are among the standard functions.

Ethernet Alliance (EA) certified designs

In 2018 the Ethernet Alliance began granting licenses to PoE designs which pass a test suite to demonstrate compliance to the IEEE802.3 standard. TI has multiple licensed designs and was the first semiconductor supplier to receive an EA logo.

End-to-end IEEE 802.3bt-ready portfolio


High Power 8-channel PSE with fully programmable SRAM offers best-in-class interoperability


High-Power PD interface for Type 3 or 4 PoE with automatic maintain power specification & autoclass


High-Power PD interface for Type 3 or Type 4 PoE with advanced startup for DC-DC

Featured reference design

Connected LED Lighting

If you’re wanting to power a LED lighting ballast, use this design and the TPS2372 PD to efficiently send power and data over your Ethernet cable.

IEEE 802.3bt PoE resources

Getting started with the new .bt standard

This training page offers 8 videos that cover everything from the transition from .at to .bt, to specific design considerations for PDs and PSEs. Content contains basic and more advanced PoE topics.

The new PoE standard: it’s almost here

Spec requirements and features are changing. Read more to learn about the evolution of PoE, and how the standard is enabling two new types of PSE and PDs.

What is Power over Ethernet (PoE)?

PoE is a mature and growing technology used to conveniently deliver power through Ethernet cables to a load rather than adding additional power cords. TI offers solutions for both ends of the cable.

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