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Low dropout regulators (LDOs) are a simple, inexpensive way to regulate an output voltage that's powered from a higher voltage input. They range across many different features such as low noise, wide Vin, small size, low Iq, and processor attach. With over 500 devices designed for different applications, robust quick selection capabilities, and best-in-class performance, TI has the most complete LDO portfolio in the industry.

Getting started

This document describes various LDO specifications in the context of automotive applications, with a key focus on battery-direct connection and driving an off-board load system.

The TI MULTIPKGLDOEVM-823 evaluation module helps you evaluate the operation and performance of several common packages of linear regulators for possible use in circuit applications.

This index is a collection of application notes from Texas Instruments that discuss low-dropout (LDO) regulator. It provides a short abstract of each and categorizes the series of documents by topic.

In this guide, you will find TI’s most popular LDOs and linear voltage regulators sorted by top parameters and applications.

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Low noise

Optimizes signal integrity for noise sensitive loads

Low Iq

Extends battery life by saving power

Small size

Tiny, high-performance LDOs for limited PCB space

Powering FPGAs & processors

Achieves clean, accurate and efficient power

Wide input voltage range

Robust LDOs that manage large transient voltages

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Robust LDOs with wide input voltages, low quiescent current and wide temperature grade


Increase system accuracy, safety and reliability with automotive LDOs

Personal electronics

High-performance, tiny LDOs for limited PCB space


LDOs that achieve clean, accurate and efficient power

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