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Dynamic NFC Interface Transponder for Large File Transfer



A BoosterPack with the RF430CL331H as add-on board designed to fit TI's MCU LaunchPads is available from 3rd party company DLP Design with the part-number DLP-RF430CL331BP


The TI Dynamic NFC/RFID Interface Transponder RF430CL331H is an NFC Tag Type 4 device that combines a contactless NFC/RFID interface and a wired I2C interface to connect the device to a host. The NDEF message can be written and read from the integrated I2C serial communication interface and can also be accessed and updated over a contactless interface using the integrated ISO/IEC 14443 Type B compliant RF interface that supports up to 848 kbps.

The device requests responses to NFC Type 4 commands on demand from the host controller and stores only a portion of the NDEF message in its buffer at any one time. This allows NDEF message size to be limited only by the memory capacity of the host controller and specification limitations.

Support of read caching, prefetching, and write automatic acknowledgment features allows for greater data throughput.

This device enables NFC connection handover for an alternative carrier like , low energy (BLE), or Wi-Fi as an easy and intuitive pairing process or authentication process with only a tap.

As a general NFC interface, the RF430CL331H enables end equipment to communicate with the fast-growing infrastructure of NFC-enabled smart phones, tablets, and notebooks.


  • Pass-Through Operation Sends Data Updates and Requests to Host Controller
  • I2C Interface Allows Writing and Reading of Internal SRAM
  • Prefetching, Caching, and Auto ACK Features Increase Data Throughput
  • Enables Data Streaming
  • All RF Communication up to Layer 4 Handled Automatically
  • Supports up to Maximum NDEF Message Size
  • Compliant With ISO/IEC 14443B
  • Supports up to 848 kbps

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