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3.3V 8-Channel 1:1 Bus Switch

3.3V 8-Channel 1:1 Bus Switch - SN74CBTLV3245A

Models (2)

Title Category Type Date
HSPICE MODEL OF SN74CBTLV3245A HSpice Model ZIP 19 Sep 2006
SN74CBTLV3245A IBIS Model (Rev. B) IBIS Model (Multiple Files) 04 Aug 2005

Design kits & evaluation modules (4)

Name Part# Type
DM388 DaVinci Digital Media Processor Evaluation Module TMDXEVM388 Evaluation Modules & Boards
J6Entry, RSP and TDA2E-17 CPU Board Evaluation Module EVMX777BG-01-00-00 Evaluation Modules & Boards
J6Entry/RSP Infotainment (CPU+Display+JAMR3) Evaluation Module EVMX777G-01-20-00 Evaluation Modules & Boards
Surface mount to DIP header adapter for quick testing of TI's 5, 8, 10, 16 & 24-pin leaded packages LEADED-ADAPTER1 Evaluation Modules & Boards

Reference designs

EtherCAT Interface for High Performance MCU Reference Design

This reference design demonstrates how to connect a C2000 Delfino MCU to an EtherCAT™ ET1100 slave controller. The interface supports both demultiplexed address/data busses for maximum bandwidth and minimum latency and a SPI mode for low pin-count EtherCAT communication.  The slave (...)

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