TLV767 Adjustable and fixed 1-A, 16-V precision positive-voltage linear regulator |


Adjustable and fixed 1-A, 16-V precision positive-voltage linear regulator



The TLV767 is a wide input linear voltage regulator supporting an input voltage range from 2.5 V to 16 V and up to 1 A of load current. The output range is from 0.8 V to 6.6 V or up to 13.6 V in the adjustable version.

Additionally, the TLV767 has a 1% output accuracy that can meet the needs of low voltage microcontrollers (MCUs) and processors.

The TLV767 is designed to have a much lower IQ than traditional wide-VIN regulators, thus making the device well positioned to meet the needs of increasingly stringent standby power requirements. When disabled, the TLV767 draws only 1.5 µA of IQ.

The internal soft-start time and foldback current limit reduce inrush current during startup, thus minimizing input capacitance.

Wide bandwidth PSRR performance is greater than 70 dB at 1 kHz and 46 dB at 1 MHz, which helps attenuate the switching frequency of an upstream DC/DC converter and minimizes post regulator filtering. To allow for more flexibility, the TLV767 has both fixed and adjustable versions.

The TLV767 is available in a 6-pin 2-mm × 2-mm WSON (DRV) package.


  • VIN: 2.5 V to 16 V
  • VOUT:
    • 0.8 V to 13.6 V (Adjustable)
    • 0.8 V to 6.6 V (Fixed, 50-mV Steps)
  • 1% Output Accuracy Over Load and Temperature
  • Low IQ: 50 µA (Typical, ~1.5 µA in Shutdown)
  • Internal Soft-Start Time: 500 µs (Typical)
  • Fold-Back Current Limiting and Thermal Protection
  • Stable With 1-µF Ceramic Capacitors
  • High PSRR: 70 dB at 1 kHz, 46 dB at 1 MHz
  • Temperature Range: –40°C to +125°C
  • Package: 6-Pin 2-mm × 2-mm WSON

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Part number Order Output options Iout (Max) (A) Vin (Max) (V) Vin (Min) (V) Vout (Max) (V) Vout (Min) (V) Fixed output options (V) Package Group Features Regulated outputs (#) Operating temperature range (C) Thermal resistance θJA (°C/W) Noise (uVrms) Approx. price (US$) Rating Output capacitor type PSRR @ 100 KHz (dB) Accuracy (%) Vdo (Typ) (mV) Iq (Typ) (mA) Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
TLV767 Order now Adjustable Output
Fixed Output    
1     16     2.5     13.6     0.8     0.8
WSON | 6     Enable
Foldback Overcurrent Protection
Output Discharge    
1     -40 to 125     77.7     60     0.40 | 1ku     Catalog     Ceramic     53     1     900     0.05     See datasheet (WSON)